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  • 2023-03: Ethiopia / Lalibela: Shelter and dignity : Laudato Si is the name of a new settlement in Lalibela.

The construction of houses for destitute people continues with “Laudato Si”. For 17 years PBF has been working to help people without shelter in Lalibela. Neglected by the Read more […]

  • 2023-03: Ethiopia / Addis Ababa: Social center VDI extends for years far beyond Addis Ababa

VDI is an association founded by Terfa Dinka, an ethiopian roman catholic layman, whose mission is to assist old and stranded people, men and women from the street. They live on the streets in Read more […]

  • 2023-03: Ethiopia: The war nobody talks about

For the second time, SRF Africa correspondent Samuel Burri took the opportunity to report on the situation in Ethiopia, especially on the situation in Tigray in the north, in the Daily News of 7 March. Today, 8 March, the day Read more […]

  • 2023-03: Ethiopia /  Tigray: A region scarred by war

“The bloodiest war of the present” says SRF correspondent Samuel Burri. According to estimates, around 600,000 people have died as a result of the civil war in the Tigray region in northern Ethiopia. Now there Read more […]

  • 2023-03: Ethiopia / Lalibela: Peter Bachmann laying the foundation stone of the PBF Memorial Clinic in Lalibela

see Youtube

  • 2023-02: Switzerland / Ethiopia: In Memoria Vic Eugster

VIC EUGSTER – his visit to Lalibela 2016. Remembering Vic in the « here and now » has colours that can be captured more meaningfully in pictures than in words. « Here” means Ethiopia, the highlands of Lalibela, where Vic first boldly set out in Read more […]

  • 2023-02: Ethiopia / Gashena: Comprehensive treatment of eye diseases

Sixteen years ago when Peter Bachmann was in Ethiopia for the first time, Getachew Aydagn, the then initiator of PBF in Lalibela, proposed a comprehensive survey on eye diseases. Unfortunately, the Read more […]

  • 2023-02: Ethiopia / Lalibela: Pilgrimage Week of Blessing, Part#2

Peaceful encounters also in the spirit of PBF  Part 2 of the report of Abebe Zewdu This year Peter Bachmann is also with us. He has been accompanying this great feast with us for a good sixteen years. He is held in the highest esteem by countless Read more […]

  • 2023-02: Ethiopia / Lalibela: Pilgrimage Week of Blessing, Part#1

PBF experiences a Pilgrimage Week of Blessing in January- Make wide the room of your tent (Isaiah 54:2)  Part 1 report of Abebe Zewdu One of the most significant festivals in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church is called Lidet or Genna, which falls in Read more […]

  • 2023-02: Ethiopia / Gashena: Water from the depths: new wells from groundwater

Under the dedicated leadership of Ashenafi Mamo and his team of seven, PBF has been working with farmers in the Gashena area for over ten years. Gashena is located at a very important road Read more […]

  • 2023-02: Ethiopia / Lalibela:  From the street to a high respected small business in Lalibela

PBF is a non-profit foundation that supports people with disabilities, the elderly, the sick, students with financial problems, the homeless and other needy people in the sense of helping Read more […]

  • 2022-08: Uganda: Promoting disability , mobility, rehabilitation and autonomy in children

PBF, together with the local aid organization in Uganda, Action of Love International (AOLI), has participated in a program designed to support children with severe disabilities. It Read more […]

  • 2022-08: Laudato Si, Indian Ocean Bee and Tree Project

A collaborative project to conserve biodiversity and improve livelihoods In 2020, PBF initiated the bee and tree project called Laudato Si. Since then, we have successfully worked on five projects: in Read more […]

  • 2022-08: Ethiopia: PBF health interventions: Misdiagnosis is a major health risk for the rural poor

Around the world, rural populations face barriers to accessing health services. One response has been numerous initiatives to promote technological innovation, new management Read more […]

  • 2022-08: Ethiopia: Education for students from marginalized areas and destitute families

In many families, many young people drop out of school for a variety of poverty-related reasons. These include unaffordable school fees, transportation costs, maintenance costs, boarding Read more […]

  • 2022-06: Ethiopia / Lalibela:  Shelter and dignity: Building houses for the destitute continues

For almost 15 years, the PBF Foundation has been supporting destitute people in Lalibela. They are the most neglected people in society, living in deplorable conditions, most of them living Read more […]

  • 2022-06: Ethiopia / Lalibela:  After the war: New Initiative – a mill

After the war: New Initiative in Lalibela – a mill for the poorest During the war between the Federal government and the Tigray region, most infrastructures such as electricity, water and health services were completely destroyed. Even after the end Read more […]

  • 2022-05: Ethiopian Dinner in Zurich

On 10.4.2022 an Ethiopian Dinner took place in Zurich. More than 60 people signed up for the event and with their entrance fee of Fr. 50.00 they made this fundraising possible. At the invitation of Niklaus Schlienger, Read more […]

  • 2022-05: Ethiopia / VDI: Centre for the Accompaniment of the Elderly 

VDI is the name for a small association of Catholic lay people in Ethiopia. They work on a voluntary basis for the poorest, the old women and men, in Addis Ababa. The centre is Read more […]

  • 2022-03: Ethiopia: The Fuga: the socially excluded and economically disenfranchised tribe in southwestern Ethiopia 

PBF has been in contact with the Fuga for several years, first through Beatrice Gill’s visit with Abba Mathewos. Recently, 26-year-old PBF student Getachew Read more […]

  • 2022-02: Ethiopia / Lalibela:  Cafeteria is a place for the youth

Young men and women aged 27 to 35 have set up an ecologically run cafeteria in Lalibela. They serve only locally produced and cooked food. All five participants have at least completed high school. One Read more […]

  • 2022-02: Uganda: PBF supports people with disabilities

PBF supports a local community-based organisation in Uganda ACTION OF LOVE INTERNATIONAL is a local Christian non-governmental organisation in Eastern Uganda that works to empower children, youth and communities. Its aim is to address poverty, disease Read more […]

  • 2022-02: Kenya / Diani: Laudato Si Project

Here follows our latest information on the PBF B+T project called “Laudato Si”. As you know, the location is on the south coast of the Indian Ocean in Kenya. There we want to build a training and production centre Read more […]

  • 2022-01: Ethiopia / Lalibela: After fights, pilgrims return to the Holy City of  Lalibela

The Holy city of Lalibela has welcomed its pilgrims once again. On Friday, thousands of Ethiopians have flooded into the streets of the town which was reclaimed last month by Ethiopian government Read more […]

  • 2022-1: Ethiopia / Lalibela: Lalibela is liberated and people return to their homes 

Since the holy city of Lalibela and all of North Wollo has been liberated from the TPLF rebels, our people who have sought safety are returning. Our local representatives who have been providing Read more […]