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  • 2024-05: Ethiopia / Bonga: Fountain for the Manja Elephantiasis Rehabilitation Center

The health center for the marginalized Manja tribe opened on October 13, 2023. PBF intervened due to the unusual extent of this infectious disease. We reported on it. The Read more […]

  • 2024-05: Ethiopia / Lalibela: Interior Middle Clinic in Lalibela/Ethiopia half financially secured

The history is repeated here: The initiative goes back to a young doctor, Dr Taddese Taye, a nutritionist Getachew Sale, and an experienced health expert, Abebe Zewdu. They founded Read more […]

  • 2024-05: Ethiopia / Lalibela: Helping people to help themselves – four current examples in Lalibela

They are current examples of people living in a country like Ethiopia, in a small rural town like Lalibela. Tourism is/was the only source of income for the people there. The question Read more […]

  • 2024-05: Switzerland / Wil: Wheelchairs for disabled children in Uganda

On the recommendation of Hans-Peter Hutter, member of the PBF board of trustees, the Catholic parish of Wil SG in Switzerland started a collection on this year’s First Read more […]

  • 2024-05: Kenya / Nairobi: Rain and floods: work of the PBF Foundation in Nairobi

The PBF supports various projects in Kenya: a microcredit program for rural women in Kitui and Mathare Sports opportunities for young people in Mwingi and Mathare slum, Nairobi Training Read more […]

  • 2024-04: Ethiopia / Lalibela: Support programs for blind students  

PBF has been supporting people with disabilities in some East African countries for more than two decades. In Ethiopia, especially in Lalibela, PBF provides regular support for the disabled: direct Read more […]

  • 2024-04: Ethiopia / Lalibela: PBF Memorial Clinic construction is progressing quickly, and the opening is scheduled for November 17, 2024.

The PBF Memorial Clinic has started by aiming to provide good health care for the poorest of the poor in the surrounding community. On the other Read more […]

  • 2024-03: Ethiopia / Addis Ababa: PBF supports the renovation of toilets and showers in the VDI hostel for the homeless in Addis Ababa

When I visited the VDI retirement center in the middle of the metropolis of Addis Ababa a month ago, I discovered that the main problem was poor hygiene Read more […]

  • 2024-03: Kenya / Mbuye: Getachew visit to Mbuye village

Every young individual attend school to achieve their academic aspirations. After students graduate from university, they will be able to choose their paths. Most students want to remain in the city while seeking work. Read more […]

  • 2024-03: Uganda: PBF work with People with Disability (PWDs) in North Eastern Uganda – a visit

Action of Love International is Community based organization in Soroti region of Eastern Uganda, Teso Area. This is a remote locality where very little government public Read more […]

  • 2024-02: Kenya / Nairobi: Getachew Sale visits Kenya for the first time and reports on his first day

After arriving in Nairobi at lunchtime on Sunday, February 25th, George and Dan met me at the airport and drove me to where I would be staying for two weeks. After some rest, Read more […]

  • 2024-02: Ethiopia / Lalibela: Joie de vivre and confidence characterise the everyday lives of the people in the new Laudato Si housing estate

PBF is once again creating decent housing for the underprivileged in Lalibela. It is extremely difficult for the poorest families to own Read more […]

  •  2024-02: Ethiopia / Addis Ababa: Challenges at the VDI retirement center

Today, February 12, 2024, I visited the VDI retirement center VDI in Addis Ababa. VDI was founded by Terfa Dinka many years ago in the center of the metropolis Addis Ababa for people who live on Read more […]

  • 2024-02: Ethiopia / Lalibela: Roch churches in danger

Rock churches in Lalibela: cracks are getting bigger. The fighting was dangerously close, but rain is the greater danger. Our team in Lalibela is shocked by the report in AfricanArguments on February 7. Mesay and Abebe comment on it in detail, confirming Read more […]

  • 2024-02: Making room for the lives of the unhoused/ Laudato village dedication, part 2

Peter said to Jesus: “Lord, it is good that we are here. If you wish, I will build three tabernacles here, one for you, one for Moses and one for Elijah.” Matthew 17:4 This Read more […]

  • 2024-02: Laudato Si Community house handingover

PBF has invested for community-centered projects in Lalibela over the past 18 years! Among these activities is building houses using only local building materials and providing shelter to the homeless. The foundation Read more […]

  • 2024-02: 30 Years PBF

Dear friends of the PBF Foundation It is with joy and gratitude that we report here as a team on the experiences, challenges and progress of our work with the communities and individuals who deserve and whenever possible receive our support. Read more […]

  • 2024-02: The value of health insurance for the marginalized Manja and Fuga communities in southern Ethiopia

Access to healthcare is a natural human need. However, for the marginalized communities of the Manja and Fuga tribes in southern Ethiopia, access to Read more […]

  • 2024-01: Ethiopia / Gashena: Comprehensive major event: eye treatment in January

Our quarterly eye treatment in our clinic in Gashena took place from January 5 to 7, 2024. The turnout was enormous and met a great need.  The meeting was planned for 70 to 80 patients, Read more […]

  • 2023-12: Ethiopia: Role of PBF Coordinators in Ethiopia

Selfless commitment for the poorest of the poor PBF has implemented various programs to uplift the living conditions of marginalized communities in Lalibela. These efforts include access to healthcare, education, Read more […]

  • 2023-12: Kenya / Nairobi: Solar Energy and Lighting for a Children home

Compassionate Hands for the Disabled Foundation was started 15 years ago, in the slum  of Korogocho, Nairobi for children living with various disabilities. These are orphans and other vulnerable children Read more […]

  • 2023-12: Ethiopia / Lalibela: Targeted use in the construction of our projects

The Premise of PBF: Targeted use in the construction of our projects, the example of the Memorial Clinic in Lalibela The appreciation, stability and strengths of PBF have increased considerably in Lalibela despite the current political and military Read more […]

  • 2023-12: Ethiopia / Doano: Village school in Doano/Southern Ethiopia receives decent toilet and suitable school desks

The Peter Bachmann Foundation has been actively involved in improving education, livelihoods and sanitation in several regions of Ethiopia. One of the PBF’s Read more […]

  • 2023-12: Uganda / Mpigi: The kernel of the avocado fruit brings benefits and healing

Herbert completed his studies in 2016 in Kampala, Uganda, at Makere University: information technology with various specializations such as networking, software engineering, management of information Read more […]

  • 2023-12: Ethiopia / Lalibela: closure of the PBF sports and meeting center

The military occupation in Lalibela leads to the closure of the PBF sports and meeting center The PBF Bat Sports Training Center was founded in 2013 by Tesfahun Baye with a small group of 12 young people. The number of participants soon rose to 50 Read more […]

  • 2023-12: Ethiopia / Lalibela: beekeeping and nursery training center

Our beekeeping and nursery training center in Lalibela The Peter Bachmann Foundation has extensive experience in working with professional beekeepers and unemployed young people in the north and south of Ethiopia. Our efforts focus primarily on training Read more […]

  • 2023-12: Ethiopia / Lalibela: catastrophic security situation

PBF’s commitment, despite the current terrible and catastrophic security situation in Lalibela PBF’s work for humanitarian support for the poorest of the poor in the last 17 years has been tireless and will continue to be so in the future. Their dedication Read more […]

  • 2023-12: Kenya / Diani: PBF Diani Laudato Si, Eco Project The PBF Eco Project based in South Coast Kwale County in Ukunda Diani is taking shape.

Apart from the farm house complete with a garden full of various vegetables and herbs, we have plantent 1000 trees of different Read more […]


  • 2023-12: Uganda / Kasese: Multifaceted reforestation and environmental protection project

Our communities in the Kasese district of Uganda are involved in a large tree planting project. Since 2020, we have seen our communities hit by droughts, land and mudslides and crop failures. Read more […]

  • 2023-12: Ethiopia / Lalibela: Laudato Si housing estate receives toilet and washing facilities

PBF has been building houses such as Peter Village (2012), Amanauel Village  (2015) and, since January 2023, the Laudato Si housing estate for seventeen years. Laudato Si contributes Read more […]

  • 2023-12: Kenya / Nairobi: A thank you to PBF from the Mathare/Nairobi Health Care Center team

I am writing on behalf of the entire team at AfyaMtaani Health Care Center in Mathare/Nairobi to thank you for your generous help in purchasing essential medicines for the underprivileged Read more […]

  • 2023-12: Ethiopia: Graduate student from marginalized community and destitute Families In Ethiopia

Many young people find themselves unable to pursue further education after completing their secondary and preparatory education. This is because of their parents’ financial Read more […]

  • 2023-10: Ethiopia: How are PBF’s donations being used in Ethiopia/Lalibela today?

At the last meeting of the Foundation Board at the beginning of November, one of our local representatives, Getachew Sale, joined us to report on the use of the donations in Lalibela. Here Read more […]

  • 2023-10: Ethiopia: Conflict in Amhara – Ethiopia could face another war after Tigray

We have received extremely frightening news from Lalibela. Our local team assures us that the project work will continue, but that it will be considerably more difficult. The three blocks Read more […]

  • 2023-10: Ethiopia: Ethiopian government recognizes support for national health insurance

Ethiopian government recognizes support for national health insurance with recognition award for PBF Ethiopia has faced public health care challenges due to low socioeconomic status, lack of awareness, and limited access to modern health care in rural Read more […]

  • 2023-10: Ethiopia / Gashena: Renovation of sanitation facilities and incinerators

Renovation of sanitation facilities and incinerators at Gashena’s Emanuel Clinic, Ethiopia. Proper sanitation facilities (toilets, latrines, and incinerators) promote health by enabling people to properly dispose of their waste, prevent environmental Read more […]

  • 2023-10: Ethiopia: Further enrollment of numerous children from the Fuga community

Further enrollment of numerous children from the Fuga community – school materials , construction of classrooms The Fuga community is most severely discriminated against politically, culturally, economically and socially; they are subjected to a low Read more […]

  • 2023-10: Ethiopis / Kafa: Elephantiasis Rehabilitation Center

Opening of the PBF Elephantiasis Rehabilitation Center for people in the Manja ethnic group on October 13 Manja is the name for an ethnic group in southern Ethiopia, in Kafa, Sheka, Bench Maji and Dawro zones and in Konta- Woreda. The people earn their Read more […]

  • 2023-10: Uganda / Soroti: Wheelchairs for disabled children

Uganda is a country in East Africa with a variety of problems. A large part of the population lives below the poverty line, the economy is developing poorly and various diseases are spreading. Added to Read more […]

  • 2023-09: Ethiopia / Lalibela: The third block of Laudato Si Village is under construction 
The PBF has been supporting social housing for needy families in Lalibela for 17 years. Amanuel Village and Peter Village have become an integral part of Lalibela. In addition, Read more […]

  • 2023-09: Kenya / Mathare: Feeding school children

School children have been receiving a healthy meal every day for six years This nutrition program covers a good 2,000 children every day at various schools and is primarily intended to help them concentrate during lessons, writes George Orimba, the Read more […]

  • 2023-09: Ethiopia / Lalibela: Construction of the PBF Memorial Clinic

Construction of the PBF Memorial Clinic is proceeding despite the emergency situation in the Amhara region including Lalibela Ethiopia I’ve spent the past 15 days in Lalibela. Our people suffer greatly as a result of the government’s emergency declaration Read more […]

  • 2023-08: Ethiopia / Gashena:  Treatment of large numbers of eye diseases

Our Emmanuel Clinic (EMC) continues to provide eye care on a very large scale on a quarterly basis. This was also the case in July 2023. Our guest from Switzerland, Tomas, followed the event. 70 patients Read more […]

  • 2023-08: Ethiopia / Lalibela: construction of the Memorial Clinic started 

The construction of the Memorial Clinic in Lalibela started in July with the cooperation of Tomas from Switzerland Tomas Hostettler spends his one-month vacation in Ethiopia, especially in Lalibela. Day by day he is involved in the construction of Read more […]

  • 2023-08: Ethiopia / Lalibela: PBF reaches out to the poor

PBF reaches out to the poorwho don’t know the Foundation can help them Mekdes Melash, now 28, was engaged to a poor church worker when she was 12 and later married. The marriage was good at first. Five years ago, she gavebirth to her first daughter Read more […]

  • 2023-07:  Ethiopia / Lalibela: Clinic in Lalibela: land purchase, laying of the foundation stone in January and now the building permit by the authorities

It will be called PBF Memorial Clinic and will serve as a present and future reminder of PBF’s valuable work in this Holy City. Read more […]

  • 2023-07: Kenya / Nairobi: PBF Education in Kenya: From a Street Child to a Medical Doctor graduate.

Kevin Kariuki a former street boy has just graduated from the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology in Nairobi. PBF came to the rescue of Kevin after he was Read more […]

  • 2023-06: Ethiopia  southwestern part: PBF encounters mission for the Manja tribe

Among the marginalized Manja tribe in southwestern Ethiopia, PBF encounters its core mission The Manja people live partly in the southern geographical zones of Kafa, Sheka, Bench Maji, Dawro as well as in Konta. Here they live their own life as an Read more […]

  • 2023-06: Kenya / Nairobi: Afya Mtaani in Mathare after Covid shortages and restrictions

New opportunities open up It is truly amazing and surprising how new opportunities emerge from unexpected limitations! The name Afya Mtaani means ‘local health’ or ‘road health’ in the Swahili Read more […]

  • 2013-05: Ethiopia / Lalibela: Life’s dreams become reality – the example of Maregu, a shepherd

The beginnings of the life of Maregu Hunegnaw, 28, are hardly different from infinitely many other people in the countryside. Maregu was born in a village outside Lalibela Read more […]

  • 2023-05: Ethiopia: Yossy and Abel – the pillars of PBF in southern Ethiopia

PBF has also carried out numerous projects in the South for a decade to change the lives of many people. This would never have been possible without the suggestions and active, competent help of Read more […]

  • 2023-05: Ethiopia / Lalibela: PBF Village “Laudato Si” – a stopover with the participation of the authorities

On May 6, 2023, the responsible authorities of Lalibela, social workers, those responsible for PBF and some future residents met at the newly and soon to be completed two Read more […]

  • 2023-05: Ethiopia / Lalibela: Assefa Derese opens a veterinary clinic

Ethiopia is a country with large numbers of livestock, especially cattle. However, health maintenance is difficult due to the lack of veterinary clinics and veterinarians. This is particularly true Read more […]

  • 2023-04: Ethiopia / Gashena: Groundwater project 

This project by PBF is a reminder of the water scarcity in Africa and above all a catastrophic situation that is getting worse and worse. As populations there continue to grow and the climate crisis robs the continent of Read more […]

  • 2023-04: Ethiopia / Durame: Goats to fight poverty in Durame

Many families are affected by extreme poverty, especially in the rural areas of the Durame region. Yossy and Abel, take care of this problem. They are brothers and have been very involved with PBF for Read more […]

  • 2023-04: Ethiopia / Lalibela:  A light for the Easter festival of Fasika

In the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church, Easter is called Fasika – a “real feast” is the literal translation. 55 days lasted the very strict fasting period. We needed animal food again. This is also expressed Read more […]

  • 2023-04: Ethiopia / Addis Ababa: Examples show how compassion and concrete action change the situation of individuals

I accompanied Peter Bachmann almost daily during his two-month stay (January and February) in Addis Ababa at the small convent of the Franciscan nuns in Bole. I saw Read more […]

  • 2023-04: Ethiopia: PBF community based health insurance support, Lalibela, Norther Ethiopia and Fuga community Boditi, southern Ethiopia

Ethiopia is one of the fastest growing countries in Africa, having more than 120 million people (the second most-populous in Africa). Read more […]

  • 2023-03: Ethiopia / Lalibela: Shelter and dignity : Laudato Si is the name of a new settlement in Lalibela.

The construction of houses for destitute people continues with “Laudato Si”. For 17 years PBF has been working to help people without shelter in Lalibela. Neglected by the Read more […]

  • 2023-03: Ethiopia / Addis Ababa: Social center VDI extends for years far beyond Addis Ababa

VDI is an association founded by Terfa Dinka, an ethiopian roman catholic layman, whose mission is to assist old and stranded people, men and women from the street. They live on the streets in Read more […]

  • 2023-03: Ethiopia: The war nobody talks about

For the second time, SRF Africa correspondent Samuel Burri took the opportunity to report on the situation in Ethiopia, especially on the situation in Tigray in the north, in the Daily News of 7 March. Today, 8 March, the day Read more […]

  • 2023-03: Ethiopia /  Tigray: A region scarred by war

“The bloodiest war of the present” says SRF correspondent Samuel Burri. According to estimates, around 600,000 people have died as a result of the civil war in the Tigray region in northern Ethiopia. Now there Read more […]

  • 2023-03: Ethiopia / Lalibela: Peter Bachmann laying the foundation stone of the PBF Memorial Clinic in Lalibela

see Youtube

  • 2023-02: Switzerland / Ethiopia: In Memoria Vic Eugster

VIC EUGSTER – his visit to Lalibela 2016. Remembering Vic in the « here and now » has colours that can be captured more meaningfully in pictures than in words. « Here” means Ethiopia, the highlands of Lalibela, where Vic first boldly set out in Read more […]

  • 2023-02: Ethiopia / Gashena: Comprehensive treatment of eye diseases

Sixteen years ago when Peter Bachmann was in Ethiopia for the first time, Getachew Aydagn, the then initiator of PBF in Lalibela, proposed a comprehensive survey on eye diseases. Unfortunately, the Read more […]

  • 2023-02: Ethiopia / Lalibela: Pilgrimage Week of Blessing, Part#2

Peaceful encounters also in the spirit of PBF  Part 2 of the report of Abebe Zewdu This year Peter Bachmann is also with us. He has been accompanying this great feast with us for a good sixteen years. He is held in the highest esteem by countless Read more […]

  • 2023-02: Ethiopia / Lalibela: Pilgrimage Week of Blessing, Part#1

PBF experiences a Pilgrimage Week of Blessing in January- Make wide the room of your tent (Isaiah 54:2)  Part 1 report of Abebe Zewdu One of the most significant festivals in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church is called Lidet or Genna, which falls in Read more […]

  • 2023-02: Ethiopia / Gashena: Water from the depths: new wells from groundwater

Under the dedicated leadership of Ashenafi Mamo and his team of seven, PBF has been working with farmers in the Gashena area for over ten years. Gashena is located at a very important road Read more […]

  • 2023-02: Ethiopia / Lalibela:  From the street to a high respected small business in Lalibela

PBF is a non-profit foundation that supports people with disabilities, the elderly, the sick, students with financial problems, the homeless and other needy people in the sense of helping Read more […]



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