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Anniversary in 2020:

  • 2020-01: Conflict resolution

PBF and Local Traditional Conflict Resolution in Ethiopia Our work with local communities has enabled us to learn support and contribute to people’s lives in their own terms and traditions without the need to only use processes that are prohibitive, Read more […]

  • 2020-01: Ethiopia / Lalibela: CV Solomon

Solomon Molla – war experiences, but his dreams and visions, in his book of poems attracts attention at Genna and Timkat My name is Solomon Molla, born in 1984 in Lalibela, Ethiopia. I lived and grew up in Lalibela. I am living with my mother Abeba Read more […]

  • 2020-01: Ethiopia / Lalibela: poet Solomon

Christmas Poems – Solomon Molla, the poet from Lalibela For this year’s Christmas, the Ethiopian poet Solomon Molla has set a big goal. For fifteen years he has been writing poems that reflect his difficult life and his thoughts on life in his country Read more […]

  • 2020-01: Sri Lanka / Chilaw: new year

How we started the year With the annual Christmas concert (see pictures)  we ended the year 2019. After a long Christmas vacation we reopened the school for the new year on the 6 th of January 2020. Our children came on the first day to school with Read more […]

  • 2020-01: Ethiopia / Lalibela: Genna

Christmas celebrations (Genna) in Lalibela The Ethiopian Christmas celebrations, here called Genna, are a very special spectacle. As already mentioned, Lalibela is one of the most important pilgrimage places of Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity. According Read more […]