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  • 2021-03: Ethiopia / Lalibela: Housing the destitutes

The poor of the poor. Lalibela is a small town but to the locals it is a City. It is a religious pilgrim destination but also a cosmopolitan center where history, culture and contemporary life converge. Dr. Bachmann visited Read more […]

  • 2021-02: The PBF Humanistic approach to Charity

Reaching out to the very needy by avoiding complicated bureaucracy. PBF has deliberately adopted an easier and more human approach to reach out to people through people! We try our best to reach out those Read more […]

  • 2021-01: Kenya, Nairobi/Mathare: School Built in Weeks

An emergency school to rescue Slum children from the the effects of Coroba Pandemic. How can children in crowded slum schools observe Social distance? Peter Bachmann Foundation continues to work with the very vulnerable Read more […]

  • 2021-01: Ethiopia / Lalibela: PBF Safe accommodation for children of rural mountain farmers

Lalibela is surrounded by several mountains where rural farmers live without public amenities and infrastructure like clean water, schools, hospitals or even roads. The children from these Read more […]

  • 2021-01: Annual Report 2020 

Introduction Dear Friends of the PBF It is a great pleasure for me to report to you about our experiences, challenges and progress. Since our humble beginnings in 1994, we have seen our mission as empowering marginalised groups in Read more […]

  • 2021-01: Sri Lanka, Chilaw: Christmas celebrations at the Bachmann Children

PBF built a center for children living with various special needs.This center cares for these children who suffer various forms of challenges and discrimination. This is a big relief Read more […]

  • 2021-01: Ethiopia, Lalibala: Primary Boarding school

This is a makeshift arrangement where children from very far villages in the mountains stay during the week andvreturn to their families over the weekends. Lalibela primary school is the first public school in Lalibela. The Read more […]

  • 2021-01: Kenya, Nairobi/Mathare: Slum Medical Outreach Program 

PBF The Afya Mtaani initiative is a medical outreach program targeting residents of the informal settlements of Mathare which is one of the largest slums in Nairobi. This segment of the population are especially affected Read more […]