September 2023: Ethiopia / Lalibela: Construction of the PBF Memorial Clinic

Construction of the PBF Memorial Clinic is proceeding despite the emergency situation in the Amhara region including Lalibela Ethiopia

I’ve spent the past 15 days in Lalibela. Our people suffer greatly as a result of the government’s emergency declaration throughout the whole Amhara region. Due to the emergency, public taxis like Tuk Tuks are not operating. As a result, the residents in the area around Lalibela experienced great suffering. For a market, farmers from the countryside traveled up to 30 kilometers on foot to the city. Nobody is permitted to stroll as usual at night even to go to church.

I visited the team and worked on our initiatives even though it was really difficult to do so. Abebe, a member of the PBF Memorial Clinic, and our Lalibela team are doing their very best during these difficult times.

After numerous administrative reassurances, the clinic’s construction started in July with Tomas from Switzerland. The reason it is dubbed PBF-Memorial Clinic is to serve as a reminder of PBF’s essential work in Lalibela, an endeavor that has already lasted 17 years with quiet, modest, and occasionally evident success.

Although it was challenging to work on the construction as usual, the PBF Memorial Clinic team members gave it their all to see it through. As shown in the photo below, we are completing the earthworks. We are also gathering essential building supplies like sand, stones, wood, and other locally accessible ones. The clinic’s water facility has been set up and is functional.

Due to this problem, it is challenging to obtain imported building supplies such as deformed steel and cement from Addis Ababa. They are pursued by the team. In addition to these dangers, the PBF Memorial Clinic building is progressing quickly.

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