September 2023: Ethiopia / Gashena: Treatment of eye diseases

Gashena: Treatment of large numbers of eye diseases

Our Emmanuel Clinic (EMC) continues to provide eye care on a very large scale on a quarterly basis. This was also the case in July 2023. Our guest from Switzerland, Tomas, followed the event. 70 patients were expected, but due to the difficult political situation and full employment of the farmers on their land, just 56 patients could be medically treated. In detail this means: 18 marginal, 11 serious cases were treated locally, the remaining 27 were brought as usual by us to Woldiya for special treatment. This was necessary because we do not have the special equipment and surgical material for more difficult cases. As in previous years, the most frequent diagnoses included cataract, glaucoma, uveitis, conjunctivitis, pterygium, trachoma, dry eye, ocular hypertension, farsightedness and myopia, retinopathy (diabetic), corneal disease. Whoever has received surgical or drug treatment in Gashena is followed by our team of specialists. Up to 96 percents of all patients recover satisfactorily. Treatments, medications, transportation, and consultations are covered by PBF. We are very grateful for this here in this very poor area of Gashena!

Ashenafi Mamo

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