where money goes

concerning money…  where it goes

Each single donated Franc goes almost completely into the different projects:
In 2018, as much as 99.7% of the donations were spent directly on the projects, which means that only 0.3% had to be spent on “other expenses” (administration)! “Other expenses” comprises the costs of stationery, printing, stamps, internet and committee meetings. All expenses linked to the trips are private financed and are not at the foundation’s expense.

Expenditures 2020: Budget approx. CHF 699’524

Expenditures 2019: Budget approx. CHF 647’704
see report 2019 <click here>

Expenditures 2018: Budget approx. CHF 603’000
see report 2018 < click here>

Expenditures 2017: Budget approx. CHF 619’000
see report 2017 < click here>

Expenditures 2016: Budget approx. CHF 732’000
see report 2016 < click here>

Expenditures 2015: Budget approx. CHF 1’200’000
see report 2015 < click here>

Expenditures 2014: Budget approx. CHF 700’000
see report 2014 < click here>

Expenditures 2013: Budget approx. CHF 750’000
see report 2013 < click here>



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