Partner organizations

Partner organizations

For larger projects the foundation works  together mainly with confidants/trustees and with partner organizations who oversee the projects locally .

Sri Lanka : ( since1994 )
The Foundation’s activities in Sri Lanka are based on decades of personal contacts.  Since 2002, the foundation in Switzerland in Sri Lanka has even an official partner, the ” Dr. Peter Bachmann Foundation “, which is officially recognized by the Republic of Sri Lanka as a charity.  And it is a matter of course that an independent body both here and there, the financial control, audit guaranteed .

Ethiopia : ( since 2005 )


other countries:
In the other countries competent national personnel take  responsibility towards the Foundation. Since 2002, the Foundation is also active in Kenya, since 2005 in Ghana. Since 2006, we have a project in Western Uganda. In Feni / Bangladesh we support a small hospital with a nursery .


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