March 2024: Ethiopia / Addis Ababa: Renovation of toilets and showers in the VDI hostel

PBF supports the renovation of toilets and showers in the VDI hostel for the homeless in Addis Ababa

When I visited the VDI retirement center in the middle of the metropolis of Addis Ababa a month ago, I discovered that the main problem was poor hygiene in the toilets and showers, a condition caused by years of daily wear. Additionally, the front gate and dining room doors need to be replaced due to age and weather damage. I reported this via this link.

PBF took action immediately upon becoming aware of this issue to begin the renovation as quickly as possible. The renovations will not only improve hygiene standards in the center, but also increase the safety and functionality of the facilities for the elderly homeless population. The aim is to create a more humane living environment for them.

Our dedicated home managers, Mr. Terfa and Mr. Teshome, completed the renovation work within a month. The following photos show the renovated three toilet and two shower room doors as well as the main dining room gate.

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