March 2024: Uganda: PBF work with People with Disability

PBF work with People with Disability (PWDs) in North Eastern Uganda – a visit

Action of Love International is Community based organization in Soroti region of Eastern Uganda, Teso Area. This is a remote locality where very little government public health facilities are available, and the locals have to travel long distances to access basic health services.

Through the efforts of Jefferson Kandi, a self trained community mobilizer and a founder Action of Love International who has been working with PBF on various projects and activities in the past 4 years in Serere and Kapujan districts. These two districts have a very unusual high number of people living with disabilities (PWDs). Most of these are born with nutrient deficiency effects. There are a high number of polios, cerebral palsy, autism and epilepsy cases among the children.

The local diet is predominantly starch (cassava) and their food lack other nutrients that would ensure healthy growth of the unborn babies. There are no prenatal and antenatal services for pregnant mothers in the few local hospitals. The result is the birth of babies suffering from various nutriment deficiencies.

PBF has provided funding for various interventions including medical treatment, mobility aid (wheelchairs) and an integrated livelihood support to families of children living with disability (cows, beddings and sanitary materials).

In this visit Dan Amolo and Getachew Sale from PBF had the opportunity to meet the Action of Love team looked by Jefferson Kandi to visit and meet the very appreciative past beneficiaries and many more expectant others who are in dire need of support.

We are convinced that this community suffer very much and are the real target group of PBF who deserve intervention! We are going to work with Jefferson to design present well planned projects with sustainability aspects that would reduce the above described community problems (dietary deficiencies, basic health services, mobility for the PWDs and food security) experienced by the people of Soroti.

Dan Amolo

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