February 2024: Kenya / Nairobi: Getachew Sale visits Kenya

Getachew Sale visits Kenya for the first time and reports on his first day

After arriving in Nairobi at lunchtime on Sunday, February 25th, George and Dan met me at the airport and drove me to where I would be staying for two weeks. After some rest, Dan welcomed me for dinner with his family at his home. Sonny had cooked a delicious supper, and we really enjoyed it. I bonded with Yanis, Dan, and Sonny’s first kid, and we had a great time together.

The next morning, George brought me on my first PBF Kenya project visit, which began at Afya Mtaani Health Care in Mathari. George has introduced me to the clinic staff, Peter (the pharmacist) and Eunice, who is the wife of George, and she is working as an assistant doctor and working a lot by examining and treating patients.

The visit to Afya Mtaani Health Care was eye-opening, and I learned a lot about the healthcare challenges in Mathari. Eunice’s dedication to her work was truly inspiring, and I could see the impact she was making in the community.

I saw here “the principle of inclusiveness,” which is part of the PBF values of managing PBF projects by PBF students. We all cannot repay what PBF has done for us. Thus, George, Peter, and Eunice have gotten support from PBF, and they are all here today to graduate and find themselves. They, in turn, serve PBF and the community. We refer to it as the inclusiveness concept. The inclusiveness concept emphasizes the importance of giving back and supporting others in the PBF community. Through this principle, PBF students like George, Peter, and Eunice can create a positive ripple effect that benefits both themselves and those around them.

The clinic has a small workforce. George evaluated the socioeconomic level of the upcoming patients. Then he sent patients to Janice and other assistants for evaluation and further treatment. After she investigates and writes her prescriptions, Peter and George will negotiate payment. If someone cannot afford to pay, they may get care for free. If the customer is in a middle-income position, they want a reasonable price. The money collected from selling medicines will be used to pay the clinic’s personnel and rent, as well as to stock its pharmacy.

Their dedication began in 2021 with an outreach campaign for home-to-home care. They looked to check for chronic illnesses such as diabetes and hypertension during COVID-19 since clients were unable to attend screenings and treatments owing to their fear of COVID. After that, they established this clinic and completed several blessing tasks. PBF has helped them purchase the CBC machine, ultrasound, and other medical equipment required to deliver a full service. Their success and spirit have developed to cure infertility, sexual dysfunction, and other unusual conditions.

They also need to expand their range of services, particularly the outreach program. They mentioned to me that they want to have a fully equipped cooler bag with a stethoscope, blood pressure device, pulse oximeter, and blood sugar level measurement unit in the field to make things simpler and broaden their outreach program. Eunice also aspires to get a Master of Science in Epidemiology.

I learned a lot from their experience with our ideal memorial clinic, which is now under construction in Lalibela, Ethiopia. I noticed how to better manage space, money, and time; I saw how to administer this kind of organization straightforwardly and efficiently. Their dedication and hard work have inspired me to strive for excellence in my future endeavors. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from their example and apply it to the development of our memorial clinic in Lalibela.

In the afternoon, I also get the opportunity to speak with Goerge separately. We truly take it to heart. He told me about his early experiences and his present health issues. He is a very modest and responsible person. He takes on new tasks, remains organized, and gives PBF his all.

Later, I was eager to see Yanice, Jusua, and Sonny and have that excellent supper. I’d like to thank Sonny and Dan for inviting me and having an open heart to feel at home with.

With love and Prayers,



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