Facts concerning the Peter Bachmann Foundation

Aim and goals

Execution and financing of projects in developing countries in a personal respectful and responsible manner.


Foundation lies under Swiss federal and cantonal law.
Manager and founder of the foundation: Dr. Peter Bachmann.
Execution management by a local trustee of P.B.
All (administrative) work done in Switzerland is done free of charge.


The foundation is financed mainly by an increasing number of friends of P.B. He is the connecting agent between the donors and the receivers. Local specialists who are personally known to P.B. supervise the projects, which are carefully evaluated before being accepted and started.
In 2020 financial help of approx. 699´524 CHF has been granted.


Is done both locally and in Switzerland by independent revisers.
Inquiries for financial help are evaluated by P.B. personally and are decided on within a short period.

Characterisation of the projects

Geography: Asia (Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, India), Africa (Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda)
Purpose: construction (mainly houses), agriculture, help to help themselves, medical treatment, education


The foundation finances both small and medium sized projects. The basic idea is to help helping themselves and improve the self-responsibility and independence. There are no political or missionary aims. We take care of the human honour of the receivers. We respect the cultural roots and traditions, we take into account the existing ways of thinking and capabilities and try to realise customized solutions.


The best examples are about 2’000 houses built up to now.


Very low administration costs (as low as 0.7% to 0.9% per year), direct and personal connection to every project, quick response to inquiries and realisation of the best suitable solution.


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