Accomodation and infrastructure

Accomodation and infrastructure


A base for body, soul and community.
Housing is the centrepiece of the Bachmann Foundation. It was with the task of building of new housing that the Foundation started in 1994. It’s a simple principle: A member of the potter caste can only afford a hut made of clay. During the rainy season, which happens twice a year, these clay huts suffer badly. They are damaged by the intense rainfall and become extremely damp inside. The humidity increases the risk of infection for the occupants. The houses offer virtually no shelter against dangerous insects or snakes, and the continual and necessary improvement work robs the occupant of a good deal of time, money (of which he had very little to start with anyway) and optimism! However, not only does a brick house provide the occupant with security and protection, it also lifts his self-esteem and self-confidence. This can clearly be seen during the celebrations to inaugurate the new housing. Now at last he can relax a little and turn his attention to other important things, for example helping his neighbour in building his house, or the orphanage; maybe helping to train someone else, or helping with the education of the children.

Step by step out of what was once a small gathering of clay huts, a village community can unfold, held together by the housing, just like the mortar and cement holding the bricks together. The Foundation only delivers the start capital. Then the residents can take their future into their own hands. They choose their own builders and architects. They take care of details like getting the best purchase for the building material or the best craftsman to help with the building, and they decide who should get receive the next house.

The Toilets

Answering the call!
Using the same concept as with the housing to build toilets.
In the beginning it only seemed a small detail but it has become clear that providing clean toilets for the villagers is very important. Not only do proper toilets decrease the risk of disease but they also increase the self-respect of the villagers.

Example: House Construction  in Ethiopia / Lalibela in 2015


Example: Fountain project in  Ghana / Nuaso in 2007


Example: Construction of a water pipe  in Kenia in 2006


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