Peter Bachmann Foundation


The foundation celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2000.

Every person has weight, every life is weighty. There are so many places in the world, where this simple truth has been forgotten, for instance in Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, Kenya and Uganda, in Bangladesh and in India. These are the places where we help.

One stone can rest on the other. At last.

This is how the burden of a single life becomes a weight that, in the end, supports its neighbors. The members of a village can support each other and the community put together by destiny develops into a humane society
It is not always easy to achieve this goal, sometimes the equilibrium of all the forces is precarious. Our Foundation weighs and ponders how much responsibility the single member can take on. In supporting and backing, the Foundation is always inspired by the aim of letting the strength of the individual emerge out of his or her inner being. This means: without the sticky mortar of a religion or ideology pasted on from outside.

Thank you very much. Even the smallest donation has its weight and is badly needed.



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