Assisting towards self help and community projects

Assisting towards self help

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We must not, however, lose sight of the fate of the individual.
In principle this foundation does not see itself as merely handing out charity to the needy, but rather, invests in carefully planned and thought through sustainable projects which lead to self-help. But there are sometimes cases where individual people need fast and efficient help. For example, the birth of triplets can spell ruin for a family and the foundation can be of help in such a situation because we cannot allow ourselves to ignore the individual.
There are those people who are in fact capable of doing something but who have not yet been given the chance to do so and whose health is affected and so are without work. One of these people is Lesley Fernando. The foundation helped her to start a small business growing orchids and she now has more than 800 plants. With this she is able to provide for her family of 5.


Community projects


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