February 2024: Ethiopia / Lalibela: confidence in the new Laudato Si housing estate

Joie de vivre and confidence characterise the everyday lives of the people in the new Laudato Si housing estate

PBF is once again creating decent housing for the underprivileged in Lalibela.

It is extremely difficult for the poorest families to own their own accommodation. They lack their own land. Finding work in the city is currently extremely difficult and yet it is absolutely necessary in order to at least feed their children and provide them with an education. The majority of these impoverished families have moved to Lalibela from the countryside. Others have been forced to flee from other areas due to political conflicts.

The rent for accommodation causes great concern, even despair, especially in the context of inflation. PBF has been trying to address these problems of the poorest of the poor for 17 years, building various housing estates and individual shelters. Hundreds of families have been able to benefit from this.

As previously reported in detail, the third housing estate was inaugurated in February.


Abebe Zewdu, our team member in Lalibela, visited the 24 newly arrived families on 21 February. In a video, he documents the liveliness, confidence and the development of community structures in Laudato Si, as the settlement is appropriately called.  He writes that all the new residents try to get to know each other, encourage co-operation, support and a willingness to help.  A new sense of community and solidarity is emerging. Those responsible at PBF and the local social workers are supporting this process.

The following video gives some first impressions.

Video < click here>

I appeal to everyone and ask for further help for the impoverished, displaced, homeless families. They have no voice and nobody cares about them. Now the municipality has promised to provide us with building land free of charge.

Nothing is more important than giving the homeless a decent place to live!

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