February 2024: Ethiopia / Lalibela: Laudato Si Community house handingover

Laudato Si Community house handingover

PBF has invested for community-centered projects in Lalibela over the past 18 years! Among these activities is building houses using only local building materials and providing shelter to the homeless. The foundation stone was laid by the honorable guest of PBF Founder Dr. Peter Bachmann; January 3, 2023 GC. The construction has been going on for the past 12 months and we have successfully handed over to Homeless beneficiaries on February 4, 2024!

During these months, the security instability in the area has been very difficult to any project implementation, even the Government projects were inactivie in the area but PBF has turned difficult situations into opportunities and managed to implement mega projects! During this social crisis period; PBF has created work opportunities for more than 1500 unemployed people, due to which they are able to fulfill their families daily food. Work force composition, the 85% works were given for the women house heads, 20% for youths, and remain 5% for other professional workers.

All the low-income people who come to the PBF office for. Request help because they can’t feed their children, have been engaged in various activities and have earned income to their need, got on job training working culture and awareness.

The houses meet the following basic needs!

#It has been built in a manner that saves land and cost, and develops a culture of kinship, neighborliness, mutuality, cooperation and coexistence cultures.

# It consists of 24 houses and has single kitchen for each and deattached 8 bathrooms and shared 2 Showers rooms (male and Female) provided.

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# The basic shared water and electricity utility are provided!

The feeling of the lucky ones at the time of handover

The feeling of all the lucky ones when they received the house key was very touching. Their first emotion was a mixture of tears and joy in everyone’s eyes. The message they conveyed next was very heart break. The challenged to feel the different conditions and ups and downs of life they, thier children were in.

General message from House luck’s

” May Dr Peter, our forever partner and hope of living us, be healthy; Long live him! We will always pray for his project  benefactories, we will always thank them! They have given us a very comfortable accommodation and may God grant them a comfortable place. Still, there are many of our friends are still homeless, we left them alone! They are still in a very difficult situation! Please consider the opportunity you have given us. Please Continue in a strengthen your work! We will be present in person and cry to the local administration to provide land for people we left homeless.  But the gift of God to build wisely like this fulfill accommodation  is yours! ours God with you” !

Abebe for PBF


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