Aims and goals

The aims of the Bachmann Foundation

Helping dreams become reality.

Help in becoming self sufficient. This is what the Bachmann Foundation offers the needy people of Sri Lanka. Some of these people come from the lowest of castes, the potter caste. The foundation offers them material and conceptual help.
Once accepted by the population, this help becomes self-administering and with initiative, can increase in value and worth to an amount that can double the initial input. The activities of the foundation have often proved that the population of Sri Lanka is highly motivated. All it needs is a clear goal and just a small, helping push to enable them to transform their dreams into reality.
The main goal is to help the population once again find its own respect and dignity. This in turn will lead to a stronger and more stable social structure. Dignity stands at the heart of the foundation. This is why the Bachmann Foundation tries to give the people the chance to take the reins of their lives into their own hands. Cultural roots and traditions are respected, and allowances are made for ways of thinking and individual capabilities. It is only by following these guidelines that we can help constructively, and offer solutions.
The many religions in Sri Lanka are respected by the Foundation. The Foundation doesn’t adhere to any specific evangelical or political purpose. On the contrary the Bachmann Foundation takes pains to foster the coexistence of Buddhists, Hindus, Moslems and Christians. “From man to man.” – Personal contact with the donors and recipients is the methodology of the Bachmann Foundation. This system of close contact allows the Foundation to achieve a high rate of success, and coupled with the simple infrastructure, ensures that the donations are actually spent where they are needed.