May 2023: Ethiopia / Lalibela: veterinary clinic

Assefa Derese opens a veterinary clinic in Lalibela

Ethiopia is a country with large numbers of livestock, especially cattle. However, health maintenance is difficult due to the lack of veterinary clinics and veterinarians. This is particularly true in rural areas such as Lalibela, where there is a high demand for livestock.

Unfortunately, it is often very difficult for veterinary medicine graduates to find government employment. First, this affects the health of the livestock, but also the farmers who depend on their agriculture, the local livestock traders, the fattening farms, and even the people who often use the livestock as a means of transport. Cattle are of enormous importance for the rural population.

Assefa Derese, who is now 25, was born and grew up in Lalibela. He studied veterinary medicine at the vocational school and graduated in 2019 with a diploma. It was also difficult for him to find a job. But Assefa didn’t just want to wait for a “miracle” that would change his situation, but actively gave his life a new direction.

At first, he helped his mother sell Tella, a honey beer. Thanks to his mother’s modest savings, he was able to set up a small veterinary clinic in his own lodgings, bought medicines, advised the farmers and examined a few cattle here and there.

He then applied to the local government for a position so that he could appropriately expand this clinic and run it professionally. However, on his way to self-help, which means serving other people, he encountered financial difficulties.

PBF reviewed his application, recognized his commitment and motivation, and then supported him in purchasing medicines, medical equipment, and other supplies. Assefa is now very happy and grateful for PBF’s “help for self-help”.

The PBF team in Lalibela shares with Assefa and his mother the joy of being able to stand on their own two feet and to have found an effective way to competently help their own people in their work in agriculture.

Mesay Mekuanent