May 2023: Ethiopia / Lalibela: PBF Village – a stopover with the participation of the authorities

PBF Village “Laudato Si” – a stopover with the participation of the authorities

On May 6, 2023, the responsible authorities of Lalibela, social workers, those responsible for PBF and some future residents met at the newly and soon to be completed two blocks of flats of our third village in Lalibela. As is well known, it bears the name Laudato Si and thus wants to remind of the great joint responsibility for creation. Laudato Si is built for people who are extremely in need.

Those present showed great satisfaction and gratitude about the great progress and wished for an expansion of Laudato Si , as several other families are still urgently waiting for our help. The construction of toilets, a water pipe and the supply of electricity are also major tasks ahead of us.

Painting work is to be carried out on the existing blocks of flats. Then it’s a matter of preparing the site for another block of flats as soon as possible and – insofar as the finances are available – to start with a further construction phase.

The PBF team shares their confidence and joy with everyone present. Photos and videos provide information about the previous work.

Sisay Amare

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