July 2023: Kenya / Nairobi: From a Street Child to a Medical Doctor graduate

PBF Education in Kenia: From a Street Child to a Medical Doctor graduate.

Kevin Kariuki a former street boy has just graduated from the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology in Nairobi. PBF came to the rescue of Kevin after he was forced to drop out of the University for lack of tuition fee hostel fee and upkeep.

He met our PBF representative,Dan Amolo who rescued him from the streets in the year 2005. He had been enrolled in a rehabilitation Project in Mathare slums where he was supported to study both in primary and secondary school then qualifying to join the University to persue Beacher of Science, Medicine.


Due to his poor background he struggled to stay in college but was forced to drop out in his 5th year. This is when Dr. Peter accepted him in the PBF education support and he continued his last 2 years with full support from PBF.

He graduated on 23rd June with a distinction in Clinical Medicine. His resilience and hardwork is a big motivation to many more students from the slums of Mathare who receive monthly support from the PBF/ One World Network coordinated by George Orimba.

Kevin meanwhile has been volunteering in the PBF supported Community Clinic, the Afya Mtaani that give outreach health services to this poor population.

We are very thankful for the charitable work PBF does for the poor of the poor and the achievement of our Kevin is a testament of this.

Dan Amolo


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