April 2023: Ethiopie / Lalibela: A light for the Easter festival of Fasika

A light for the Easter festival of Fasika

In the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church, Easter is called Fasika – a “real feast” is the literal translation. 55 days lasted the very strict fasting period. We needed animal food again. This is also expressed in the festive meal on the night of Holy Saturday on Easter. At three o’clock in the morning the solemn liturgy begins, followed by the festive meal. The light of the candles reminds us of the Risen Christ , who is himself described as light in our Holy Scriptures. The festive celebration is filled with great joy and satisfaction.

In Lalibela, PBF has been celebrating Easter for several years together with people who need our attention in a very special way throughout the year: Elderly, lonely, sick, needy. A dedicated team of PBF takes care of them in a special way, visiting them at home, bringing them the Easter light, gifts, especially meat from the three oxen slaughtered on Saturday.

They combine their great joy with prayer for our PBF Foundation and the donor circles in Switzerland. The current extraordinarily high inflation makes survival difficult, so their gratitude is all the greater – especially for Peter, who makes so many things possible for them.  While lighting the candlelight, a homeless man told me “Peter is our light”, and many agreed with him.

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