April 2023: Ethiopia / Durame: Goats to fight poverty

Goats to fight poverty in Durame, southern Ethiopia

Many families are affected by extreme poverty, especially in the rural areas of the Durame region. Yossy and Abel, take care of this problem. They are brothers and have been very involved with PBF for many years. Both teach at the university. Her project aims to donate female goats to 30 destitute families who do not have the means to earn an income, create a sustainable livelihood and secure improved nutrition. Households headed by single women are an important criterion when choosing beneficiaries.

Goats are an ideal choice. They are climate-resistant, multiply quickly, and require little space and resources to live. The families live in the rural area of Durame, particularly in the villages in Kedida Gamela district. A five-person team is formed in each village, with one person leading the team. This structure is essential to ensure effective follow-up of the project. To ensure breeding success, each team receives a male goat (12). Veterinary staff from the District Livestock Development Office will provide training on goat rearing and care. Each team is responsible for caring for their goats and receives ongoing support from local PBF initiators Yossy and Abel. They will continue to report on the project.

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