October 2023: Ethiopia / Kafa: Elephantiasis Rehabilitation Center

Opening of the PBF Elephantiasis Rehabilitation Center for people in the Manja ethnic group on October 13

Manja is the name for an ethnic group in southern Ethiopia, in Kafa, Sheka, Bench Maji and Dawro zones and in Konta- Woreda. The people earn their living with minimal agricultural work and as day laborers. Our website provided detailed information about the living conditions of the Manja: https://bachmann-foundation.org/language/de/?s=Manja.

Previously PBF had tried to help this totally discriminated community with a donkey project to improve their way of life. Abba Mathewos from the Capuchin Order is the local priest there and knows the people very well. With a donkey, the Manja can, for example, bring coffee to the market and thus improve their earnings to support their families. The Manja tribe does not practice good hygiene or self-care. Very common is the disease elephantiasis. It causes swelling in the legs.  It is referred to by society as “Manja disease.”

Thanks to the commitment of PBF, attempts are being made to bring about healing with herbal remedies based on local oils. Abba Mathewos is advised and supported, by a priest from India.

There were not enough oils, no shade, so hardly any protection from the sun, also rooms for carrying out the therapy.

Together with Thomas from Switzerland I visited the Manja again in the name of PBF and it was decided to help with the construction of a rehabilitation center. Now, with the help of Manja, Abba Mathewos, the person in charge, and PBF, it has become a reality.

Together with the local church, authorities and community leaders, the inauguration and opening took place on October 13, 2023.

This rehabilitation center includes therapy areas, a health education room and a kitchen for the preparation of local oils. In this center, people receive care, education in hygiene, health care by local medical professionals, volunteers and Catholic sisters.

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