September 2023: Ethiopia / Lalibela: Third block of Laudato Si Village under construction

Lalibela: The third block of Laudato Si Village is under construction

The PBF has been supporting social housing for needy families in Lalibela for 17 years. Amanuel Village and Peter Village have become an integral part of Lalibela. In addition, there are many individual houses that have been built over the years for homeless families. Now the third large settlement is being built.  It bears the name of Pope Francis’ circular letter on creation: Laudato Si. This construction complements the first two that have been built in recent months. With this, PBF’s local leaders hope to provide homeless families not only with a roof over their heads, but also with social integration, human dignity and access to job opportunities, thus escaping their poverty.  It is our firm belief that through our commitment, these very people are allowed to live in dignity, respect, and social security. We see this as an obligation to do our best in the spirit of PBF.

Two blocks for 16 families have already been built, with 8 room units in each block. The foundation stone for the entire settlement was laid in January of this year.

PBF’s commitment is also increasingly highly recognized by the local administration. This is in no way a matter of course. The commitment to cooperation is reflected, for example, in the fact that the land has been made available free of charge and support has been secured with the social committees.  The strong partnership of PBF and the local administration also promises sustainable development for the future.

A third building was not originally planned, but now clearly demonstrates the administration’s interest in working together. Thus, another piece of land has been made available for construction.

With the construction of the 3rd block, another eight needy families can find shelter. They have been waiting for this for a very long time. The progress is recorded in the pictures (mid-September 2023). In the coming months, the construction should be completed and undoubtedly give a positive testimony to the local government.

We plan to complete the community toilet and electrical systems as soon as possible. The population of Lalibela is suffering enormously from the state of emergency. It also complicates the work of building Laudato Si.

The water supply for the housing estate is already in operation, as the picture below shows.

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