May 2023: Ethiopia: Yossy and Abel – the pillars of PBF in southern Ethiopia

Yossy and Abel – the pillars of PBF in southern Ethiopia

PBF has also carried out numerous projects in the South for a decade to change the lives of many people. This would never have been possible without the suggestions and active, competent help of the two brothers, Abel and Yossy. Numerous visits by Peter Bachmann, Dan Amolo, Beatrice Gill, Mesay Mequanent and Heiner Stiefel are vivid memories and today motivate us to work with those responsible in Lalibela, such as Abebe Zewdaw and Getachew Sale. There are also close friendly connections between Abel and Terfa Dinka, who takes care of the elderly people in Addis Ababa who have survived on the streets (VDI). Proprietary portraits of Yossy Yonas (Yoseph) and Abel Yonas, proving to be bright beacons of PBF, are in the pipeline.

Yossy writes about the work of PBF:

PBF fights poverty by supporting numerous activities that focus on the helpless, marginalized and disadvantaged. PBF carries out these activities through various mechanisms that are aimed directly at the beneficiaries, are uncomplicated and often involve the lowest possible costs. PBF has been active in southern Ethiopia for well over a decade, mainly in the Kambata-Tembaro zone, with a focus on Durame and the Kedida-Gamela district. Among the activities carried out here so far are the support of destitute children with school supplies, school uniforms and stationery, as well as a kindergarten for those with the current Pope’s name, Abune Francis School. Next a water project in Doano, the rehabilitation of a natural spring water well in a deep gorge and a steep path leading to this spring water. There are also other actions in the field of beekeeping for farmers, the construction and maintenance of school buildings in Doano. Giving chickens to poor women in Durame has helped improve their poor conditions. A comprehensive goat project is currently serving the same purpose. These activities mentioned here – and some others – were carried out by PBF officials and volunteers. We, Yossy and Abel, see ourselves as the main supports and motivators at PBF. We are grateful for the academic training that PBF gave us. We both now teach at the university. Our families live in Durame. In the past few weeks, together with the Durame authorities, we have given our commitment a firm structure called “Hand in Hand”. A description about it will be our next contribution.

Yossy Yonas