March 2023: Ethiopia / Tigray: A region scarred by war

Ethiopia: “The bloodiest war of the present” says SRF correspondent Samuel Burri

Tigray: A region scarred by war

According to estimates, around 600,000 people have died as a result of the civil war in the Tigray region in northern Ethiopia. Now there is a peace agreement and the roads to Tigray are open again. But an on-site visit shows how much the people are scarred by the years of war.

Samuel Burri, Africa Correspondent of SRF, reported on this on 27 February 2023

It is indeed a harrowing report about what is happening in northern Ethiopia. We rarely hear about it from the media. In the areas where our PBF is active, it has been possible to repair some of the numerous damages, but there is still a lot to be replaced in the projects that have been built up over many years, such as building facilities, various self-help projects…. But the car wash in Lalibela is fully functional again and the Emanuel Clinic in Gashena as well.

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