March 2023: Ethiopia: The war nobody talks about

The war nobody talks about

For the second time, SRF Africa correspondent Samuel Burri took the opportunity to report on the situation in Ethiopia, especially on the situation in Tigray in the north, in the Daily News of 7 March. Today, 8 March, the day of my return flight from Addis Ababa, I myself am under the impression of countless encounters, conversations and impressions that connect me with this highly crisis-ridden country and its people. This also includes moments of light and encouragement – without a doubt. But what Samuel Burri reported in the SRF daily talk show the day before, yesterday, shook me again.  He authentically summarised what has deeply moved me day after day since the beginning of the year. I lived in a small convent with Franciscan nuns in the centre of the metropolis of millions, well protected and accompanied on the outside, but open on the inside and ready not to ignore daily events or to avoid the extremely difficult everyday life of the people on the street. I am extremely grateful for the two insightful reports by Samuel Burri (27 February and 7 March 2023). They deserve the utmost attention, not least under the conditions and in the context of our effective work as a modest and Spirit-empowered relief organisation in East Africa. To all those who have participated – wherever and however – and have accompanied me personally during the first months of this year, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Amesegnalehu!

Peter Bachmann

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