May 2023: Ethiopia / Lalibela: Life’s dreams become reality – the example of Mareg

Life’s dreams become reality – the example of Maregu, a shepherd in Lalibela.

The beginnings of the life of Maregu Hunegnaw, 28, are hardly different from infinitely many other people in the countryside. Maregu was born in a village outside Lalibela to a poor farming family with many children. There were a few goats and cows that brought in a small amount of income. As the eldest in the family, Maregu had to take care of the animals and only much later was able to attend school in Lalibela. There he worked at the same time in a restaurant, later in a cafe as a waiter and was able to support his parents. However, his education suffered, and he dropped out of school. His small savings enabled him to get a driver’s license for a three-wheeled vehicle (TukTuk). However, his childhood longing to live with and care for animals became more and more evident. He dreamed of earning a living in this way.

He turned to our PBF team. A few months ago, they made it possible for him to buy goats. Today Maregu has twelve goats, fattening and breeding new ones.  He is visibly expanding his farm. This brings him not only material gain, but also fulfillment of his purpose in life and personal development.

After many good experiences with raising goats, he now wants to try this with cows as well. He has been familiar with handling cows and oxen since his childhood.  The demand from farmers is beyond doubt.  PBF is now considering supporting Maregu’s “lifelong dream”, as it is convinced of his experience and motivation. The care for the animals, in addition to our many efforts for vulnerable people, requires our great support, be it in water supply, agriculture, medical care, professional training, among others… The tasks of PBF are thus concretized every day. The example of Maregu can show this.


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