December 2023: Kenya / Diani: PBF Diani Laudato Si, Eco Project

PBF Diani Laudato Si, Eco Project

The PBF Eco Project based in South Coast Kwale County in Ukunda Diani is taking shape. Apart from the farm house complete with a garden full of various vegetables and herbs, we have plantent 1000 trees of different species, both indeginous and exotic.

The trees include tropical fruity variety like Mangoes, Avocados, Lemon, Passion Fruit and bananas. We also have planted local medicinal plants like Moringa, Aloe Vera and also in the process of acquiring the Artemisia seeds to experiment.

We have added several coconut seedlings and continue to plant Bamboo , both of which are very useful for various activities like building, furniture as well as nutrition.

Benefits of moringa?

  • Protecting and nourishing skin and hair. …
  • Treating edema. …
  • Protecting the liver. …
  • Preventing and treating cancer. …
  • Treating stomach upset. …
  • Fighting foodborne bacterial infections. …
  • Preventing rheumatoid arthritis

Aloe Vera:
Aloe is used topically (applied to the skin) and orally. Topical use of aloe is promoted for acne, lichen planus (a very itchy rash on the skin or in the mouth), oral submucous fibrosis, burning mouth syndrome, burns, and radiation-induced skin toxicity.

Coconut is high in fiber and low in carbs, so it helps control blood sugar levels in our bodies. Coconut meat and water contain numerous antioxidants that fight against factors causing cell damage. The antioxidant also reduces the risk of many diseases such as cancer.

The leaves of the coconut palm are woven to make baskets and mats and are sometimes used in roofing. Coconut palm wood is used to build bridges and huts. The fibre from the husk is used in ropes, mats, doormats, brooms and sacks, and the coconut shells are sometimes used as bowls.

They are used as a traditional medicine with demonstrated effects of anti-oxidation, free radical scavenging, anti-inflammatory, liver protection and ameliorating cognitive deficits. Bamboo leaf is mainly used for the treatment of atherosclerotic, diabetic and nervous system diseases.

Here are some of its most frequent uses:

  • Building material. Bamboo is an ideal building material due to its strength, flexibility, and sustainability. …
  • Bamboo is a popular material for furniture because it is lightweight, durable, and has an appealing aesthetic.

Bee Keeping:
We have installed 10 bee hives and several of them have been colonized by the African Bee which produces an aromatic and healthy honey which is used by local communities both as food and medicine.

Dan Amolo, actually in Kenya

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