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Reports of 2018 available in English

  • 2018-12: Sri Lanka: Grateful memories of the tsunami help in 2004

Shortly before leaving for Sri Lanka, the following letter reaches Peter Bachmann. He comes from a family that helped bring the foundation back to life after the monstrous tsunami in 2004. In the photos you can see my father’s wooden masterpiece Read more […]

  • 2018-12: Kenya / Kitui: Footballer on the road to success

We have reported the importance of sports clubs in the slums, see e.g. Success motivates, of course, especially when it comes to winning Read more […]

  • 2018-12: Kenya / One World Network: reusable sanitary napkins

PBF works in Kenya with the local NGO “One World Network” and in partnership with locals to develop sustainable solutions to various problems. The Community has been challenging for 2 years to provide sanitary Read more […]

  • 2018-11: Kenya / Nairobi: Slum football: sport for development

One World Network receives Tricots that are collected by friends of PBF in Switzerland and Germany. These tricots are given to local slum and village teams and youth projects in Mathare, Mbuye and Kitui. We Read more […]

  • 2018-11: Ethiopia / Bahir Dar: Wondwossen Molla continues to educate himself as an anesthesiologist

Wondwossen Molla, Wondie, has been part of the PBF family for many years. PBF co-funded his education and later training as a nurse. Those who belong to this Read more […]

  • 2018-10: Ethiopia: Travel report Burki

Travelogue Burki July 2018: 2 weeks in Ethiopia – 2 families with 6 adopted children Our trip to Ethiopia started “well”: Our first flight was canceled due to a storm over Vienna. A good star helped us and we ended up in Addis with only one hour delay. Read more […]

  • 2018-10: Sri Lanka / Chilaw: World Children’s Day at the School for Handicapped Children

World Children’s Day at the School for Handicapped Children in Chilaw Foreword: Sponsorship of the School for Handicapped Children in Sri Lanka / Chilaw In January 2016, the local Peter Bachmann Foundation in Sri Lanka found a new sponsorship Read more […]

  • 2018-10: Ethiopia: Wondwosen Seifu (Member of PBF) announced 1st correspondent of International Association for Community Development (IACD) 

On its website, the organization IACD published beginning of October 2019:  Wondwosen has been involved various community wok Read more […]

  • 2018-10: Ethiopia: A like Assisi – A like Addis Ababa

4th October: A like Assisi – A like Addis Ababa. The so-called Franciscan Family (650,000 members) today celebrates its founder Francis of Assisi on October 4th. In Ethiopia, the order of the Capuchins is comparatively strong with more than one hundred Read more […]

  • 2018-10: Kenia / Kitui: Information on KICABA micro credits

Information on KICABA micro credits , OCTOBER 2018 TRANSFORMATION OF AFRICA Africa is 70% rural and therefore needs rural solutions. Majority of populations in Africa live in the countryside although African cities are growing day by day. Whether Read more […]

  • 2018-09: Switzerland: Interview with Mesay Mequanent on 24.9.2018 in Schwerzenbach

Foreword: Mesay is the project leader of the Foundation in Ethiopia / North. He works locally in Lalibela. Mesay was invited by a friend of the Foundation, who had met him during Read more […]

  • 2018-09: Kenia / Kitui: Report on successes and problems of the football club

Jonathan Mwangangi reports on successes and problems of the football club Greetings from Migwani, Kitui. We are very busy here every day. Yesterday, my boys won the first place in our qualification for the running football tournament in the constituency Read more […]


IPOA (Orphans and Widows Association) is a Community Based Organization (CBO) which started on 15th August 2008 at a meeting held by Fr. Richard AJ and Mr. Kenja Thomas in Ibanda Catholic Parish Hall. Read more […]

  • 2018-08: Switzerland: They knit like the world champions

They knit and tell each other their life stories Klara Neuhaus “does not want advertising”. She is about to celebrate her 92nd birthday and received lots of colored rags from people in the neighborhood yesterday. It is well known in Steckborn that Read more […]

  • 2018-08: Ethiopia: Call for help from Eyerusalem

An example of a call for help to the Foundation comes from Ethiopia. 18-year-old Eyeruslam Demoz describes her problem. She comes from poor backgrounds, but is very intelligent and works purposefully on her education. Read more […]

  • 2018-06:  Ethiopia / Lalibela: Observations for Foundation Support

Getachew and Dan list in some facts the unbelievably poor conditions of the poor rural population in Ethiopia / Lalibela, which can count as well as possible on the aid of the foundation. •  Most of the children in the relief program are totally Read more […]

  • 2018-08:  Ethiopia / Kualit: full operation of the new water project

We reported on the project idea, the construction and the completion of the water project: As Read more […]

  • 2018-08: Micro-Businessman Eyayew Baye

Eyayew Baye: Once a Socially Neglected Young Boy but Now a Rising Micro-Businessman! The roller coaster that Eyayew has had to overcome throughout his life can be characterised as an adventure that not so many people at his age would be able to handle. Read more […]

  • 2018-07: Ethiopia, Kualit: Water Project finished

Ethiopia, Kualit: Water Project. The execution of the project has been unexpectedly delayed due to several reasons. Especially because Read more […]

  • 2018-07: Ethiopia, Lalibela HCB Production Project for Low Cost Houses

Lalibela HCB Production Project for Low Cost Houses Reasons of implementing: To address problems of housing by building low cost houses for the very poor portion of the community as there are still many who sleeps on the streets. To help Read more […]

  • 2018-07: Ethiopia, Lalibela area: two supportive projects with low starting capital requirements

Ethiopia, Lalibela area: two supportive projects with low starting capital requirements.   Argaw Tsegaye has a business idea Argaw Tsegaye is a disabled young man (28), confined to a wheelchair since an accident in his youth. He lives with his Read more […]

  • 2018-07:  On the move in Ethiopia

On the move in Ethiopia – moving like never before. We have a friend who has been teaching in Ethiopia at the University of Mekele as a visiting professor for several years, and he has aroused our interest in Ethiopia. So in April 2018 we made our Read more […]

  • 2018-07: historic peace agreement between Eritrea and Ethiopia

The historic peace agreement between Eritrea and Ethiopia can be pathetic for the work of the Foundation. The future of the African continent depends on the Africans themselves. PBF is very close to the very small Catholic local church in Ethiopia Read more […]

  • 2018-06: Dan Amolo annouced as new project coordinator

Dan Amolo new project coordinator. We are pleased to announce the formal commissioning of Dan Amolo (born in Kenya in 1974) as Project Coordinator of the Foundation. From now on Dan will mainly be responsible for the professional examination of project Read more […]

  • 2018-06: Ethiopia / Laliblea: Handicaped Melaku

Handicaped Melaku Melaku is a young man from Lalibela. He is severely handicapped, can use neither his left hand nor his legs. Only with difficulty does he drag himself along on crutches. Of course, this disability affects his entire life, Read more […]

  • 2018-06: Ethiopia / Kualit: Community project

Drinking water, sanitation and hygiene in Kualit, Ethiopia. Background Sub-Saharan Africa is the world’s poorest and least developed region, with half its population living on less than a dollar a day. About two-thirds of its countries rank among the Read more […]

  • 2018-06: Kenya: Effects of heavy Rains

The Effects of heavy Rains and Floods in Kenya. Over the past several months there have been heavy rains and storms in the whole of the East Africa regions. The most affected have been the slum dwellers and remote rural villages. Properties have been Read more […]

  • 2018-05: Ethiopie / Lalibela: Destitutes

Destitutes in Lalibela, by Mesay Mequanent, Project Leader Lalibela. This is one of the categories of “Regular monthly support” from PBF in Lalibela. PBF has been and still supporting destitute in Lalibela since more than ten years. These are the Read more […]

  • 2018-03: Ethiopie / Lalibela: survival strategy of Haftu

Resilience in the survival strategy of Haftu in Lalibela. He discovers his creative abilities and uses them. The now 23-year-old Haftu grew up in Lalibela in a very poor family. He writes that after completing compulsory school it was extremely difficult Read more […]

  • 2018-03:  Kenia / Kitui:  Efficacious stories from the KICABA Micro- credit program

Kenia / Kitui:  Efficacious stories from the Micro- credit program. The story of Fridah, the Empty Jerican Seller at Mobil petrol station, Kitui town Fridah is a mother of two kids. In her struggles to meet daily needs she discovered a business Read more […]

  • 2018-03:  Kenia / Kitui: great news from the Micro- credit program

Kenia / Kitui: great news from the Micro- credit program. Great News! 72,000 beneficiaries in Kitui County – Kenya supported by PBF It started very gradually to expand when PBF advanced funds to support the KICABA micro-credit program (Kitui Integrated Read more […]

  • 2018-03: Uganda:  Community training on Typhoid Epidemic

COMMUNITY COMPREHENSIVE TRAINING ON TYPHOID EPIDEMIC.  IPOA ORPHANS AND WIDOWS ASSOCIATION: UGANDA Introduction: Typhoid epidemic is one of the most life-threatening transmitted diseases in most parts of Uganda, particularly in rural towns and villages. Read more […]

  • 2018-03: Senegal / Dakar: Art project

PETER AMANUEL ART PROJECT DAKAR-SENEGAL The Republic of Senegal is a country in West Africa. Senegal is bordered by the North African country of Mauritania in the north, Mali to the east, Guinea to the southeast, and Guinea-Bissau to the south-southwest. Read more […]

  • 2018-03: Ethiopie / Durma: disappointed expectations with a building block production machine

In Durame – disappointed expectations with a building block production machine. Durame lies in the lowlands of southern Ethiopia. The place can hardly be found on a map. Simple farmers have been farming the land in a very simple way for centuries. They Read more […]

  • 2018-02: Kenia / Nairobi:  ONE WORLD NETWORK teenage reusable sanitary support

Kenia: ONE WORLD NETWORK teenage reusable sanitary support. The chart shows three schools that are supported by PBF monthly with reusable sanitary pads for the teenage girls in primary schools who are unable to afford the normal disposable sanitary pads. Since Read more […]

  • 2018-02: Ethiopia: Artemisia project

Artemisia annua tea – a revolution in the history of tropical medicine. Already ten years ago I worked in Lalibela with Abebe Wondater, the pharmacist. He was very interested in Artemisia Annua (A3) and he also cultivated plants of this species himself. Read more […]

  • 2018-02: Ethiopia / Kualit: Drinking Water

Drinking water, sanitation and hygiene in Kualit, Ethiopia. General Description Similar to many African countries, parts of Ethiopia face water shortages, poor sanitation, and a lack of access to clean water sources. Ethiopia is located in Africa’s Horn Read more […]

  • 2018-01: Ethiopie / Durame: new school “Abune Francis”

Abune Francis – the pope in Durame, a forgotten city of Ethiopia “Abune Francis” is the name of a new school in Durame, a small town a few hundred kilometers south of Addis Ababa. Almost nobody speaks English here in Durame, even though it is a school Read more […]

  • 2018-01: Report 2017 of ONE WORLD NETWORK

REPORT 2017 ONE WORLD NETWORK; by George Orimba. We thank our dear Dr. Peter Bachmann, for the continuous support he has given us over the years since He started supporting us many years ago. Dr. Peter you are our father and we really appreciate you being Read more […]

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