August 2018: Ethiopia: Call for help from Eyerusalem

Call for help from Eyerusalem

An example of a call for help to the Foundation comes from Ethiopia.
18-year-old Eyerusalem Demoz describes her problem. She comes from poor backgrounds, but is very intelligent and works purposefully on her education. So far, she has excelled at the secondary school and at the state university (level 9 to 12) with top marks.


Now she is in trouble: Both her father and her mother suffer from leprosy. Leprosy is a bacterial disease, often caused by poor hygiene and malnutrition and thus a weakened immune system. The disease first attacks the nervous system and the vessels of the arteries and veins become blocked by a thickening of the blood. As a result, her father has already lost both legs and has no income from work. Her mother does her best and earns a minimum salary as a cleaner.

Eyerusalem supports her parents to the best of their ability. Therefore, and because she was discriminated by many colleagues at the university because of her family background, Eyerusalem has stopped studying at the state school and has moved back to her parents. However, she can not afford further studies in nursing (BSC nursing) on ​​a local private collage. She desperately asks for help.

The school certificates of Eyerusalem are available to the Foundation. She serves our support!

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