September 2018: Kenia / Kitui: Report on successes and problems of the footballclub

Jonathan Mwangangi reports on successes and problems of the football club

Greetings from Migwani, Kitui.

We are very busy here every day. Yesterday, my boys won the first place in our qualification for the running football tournament in the constituency after defeating our opponents with 6 goals against 2! It was a real thriller and we are improving every day with hard training. So we hope to play the knockout phase of the tournament.

We are currently concerned about our lack of equipment and lack of training equipment. It’s always a challenge, especially as we approach a very important stage of the tournament on Saturday. Above all, good football boots are missing. The boys have agreed to pay a certain agreed amount for the shoes themselves in order to help with the difficulties in financing the club. They will pay in small affordable rates.

We hope for the best, we pray for the best.
God bless you, God bless PBF.

Jonathan Mwangangi.

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