August 2018: Ethiopia / Lalibela: Observations for Foundation Support

Getachew, Mesay and Sisay list in some facts the unbelievably dreadful conditions of the poor rural population in Ethiopia / Lalibela, which can count as well as possible on the aid of the foundation.

•  Most of the children in the relief program are totally self-reliant, with no parents, relatives or other patrons.
• Lack of own funds many sick and disabled are helpless and tied to their “bed”. The foundation can only alleviate the worst with the limited resources.
• Many families have to live in terrible dwellings that they call their home. Often there is not even a rainproof roof that would protect against the monsoon rains.
• Some families do not even have a mattress (per multi-headed family!). So you sleep – old and young, healthy and sick – on a thin cloth directly on the ground. This is catastrophic for their health and also complicates minimal care and hygiene.

  • The people who are allowed to receive the help of the Foundation are always very grateful and friendly and they thank you by praying for it.

It is highly praiseworthy that the foundation has always tried to use a sensible selection process to allocate the available funds to the most needy. This is particularly the case when selecting the elderly, the patients and the disabled.

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