July 2018: Ethiopia: Helping people help themselves

Ethiopia, Lalibela area: two supportive projects with low starting capital requirements


Argaw Tsegaye has a business idea

Argaw Tsegaye is a disabled young man (28), confined to a wheelchair since an accident in his youth. He lives with his mother in Bilbala, a town about 30km from Lalibela.
His business idea is based on his rake that chickens and eggs are much more expensive in the touristy Lalibela than at his place of residence. This could be a small business justify, so that Argaw could earn a living, so he no longer has to be a burden to his parents. Argaw has already successfully tried out the “business process” during the holiday season.
This idea deserves support in the sense of “help for self-help”! But Argaw needs a jump start of about 16,000 Birr (580 CHF).

Alimaz Tewode wants to take care of her own family

Alimaz Tewode is a 35-year-old mother of 3 children. She had to drop out of education 16 years ago when she became a mother. From the local administration in her place of residence Ayina (about 40km from Lalibela) she received an old container, “because women should be promoted”, as it was said.
The business idea of Alimez is to sell specific Ethiopian herbs such as Shiro and Berbere in her village so that the inhabitants no longer have to make their way to the market in Lalibela. This small business should make her and her family self-employed. The starting capital is 15’000 Birr (545 CHF).

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