December 2018: Kenya: One World Network: sanitary project, status report

reusable sanitary napkins, status report

PBF works in Kenya with the local NGO “One World Network” and in partnership with locals to develop sustainable solutions to various problems.
The Community has been challenging for 2 years to provide sanitary towels for girls. We reported about it, see

The situation
It is a common but little-known problem that girls in Africa often do not attend school and stay home because of menstruation. According to UNICEF, every tenth schoolgirl in sub-Saharan Africa lacks classroom instruction or is completely absent due to his menstrual cycle. Many girls use inappropriate and unhygienic remedies such as rags, newspapers or sheets.

The Sanitary Pads project
The Project Pads aims to give dignity to girls and reduce absenteeism and drop-out rates.

Our solution
Our approach is an absorbent hygiene pack made of cotton, consisting of pad and panties. This is fully washable and thus reusable. The pack can be used with good hygiene for a year with good cleaning and care. The pad contains no gels or absorbent chemicals and is fully biodegradable. The project also includes comprehensive education of girls and boys and a consultation.

Bigger plan
One World Network has researched and raised more than $ 10,000 for a one-year campaign in consultation with other local actors. The aim is to create a model for social entrepreneurship in the production of sanitary pads. The pads should be affordable for sanitation at schools and for low-income rural and slum dwellers.

We have identified approtech technology in India, where social businesses with hygiene products are currently thriving.
The aim is to provide employment for marginalized women and enable them to earn a decent living and to save girls from absences at school.

Therefore, we would like to ask our benefactors, especially the patrons and sponsors of the PBF, to support this idealistic project.

Many many thanks!
Georg Orimba