March 2018: Kenia / Kitui: great news from the Micro- credit program

Kenia / Kitui: great news from the Micro- credit program

Great News!
72,000 beneficiaries in Kitui County – Kenya supported by PBF

It started very gradually to expand when PBF advanced funds to support the KICABA micro-credit program (Kitui Integrated Creative Arts and Business Appraisal).

Small loans of between KES 5,000 to KES 100,000 (50 to 1,000 Euros) were accessed to different micro-credit clients. The clients are involved in all sorts of small businesses including food kiosks, second hand clothes selling, motorbikes transport, shops, cattle selling, vegetable selling, cereals marketing, cyber cafes, selling small empty jericans, hair salons and the like.

From 2003 to 2018, a total of 12,000 micro-entrepreneurs have being associated with PBF funding either by receiving small loans to initiate an income generating activity or expand an existing business, or indirectly employed by those who access the loan.

In the last two years, a new loan product known as “SOKO” loan or market micro-loan has been introduced spurring businesses ad attracting large numbers to join the micro credit program.

To express the community impact created in Kitui, each micro-entrepreneur supports at least six (6) family members with food, clothing, medical care, school fees for children and other family needs.

12,000 multiplied by 6 family members as direct beneficiaries translates to 72,000 lives fed in the arid Kitui County through PBF.

Any benefactors in the world who shall support the works and efforts of PBF shall abundantly create opportunities for the poor in regions like Kitui to emerge out of poverty; to unleash their potential, to live with dignity!

Patrick Kutu, Programme coordinator,

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