November 2019: Kenya/Kitui: Microcredit programm, Fidelis

Kenya/Kitui: Success of microcredit program

  • This is an amazing thrust of work well done: PBF works in Kitui County, Kenya with KICABA organization to facilitate micro-entrepreneurs do small businesses.
  • These micro-credit programme has become a game changer in Kitui.


The successful story of Fedelis Mwake Maangi

Fedelis is a family man with a wife and five children. He worked as cook for the catholic bishop of Kitui but the income was far from meeting the needs of the family. He approached KICABA and was enrolled as a micro-entrepreneur in the PBF programme.

He got a loan of KES 5,000 (50 USDs) and began a small Kiosk to sell snacks. He quickly paid the small loan and applied for KES 20,000 (200 USDs), this time involving his wife to partner with him in baking and selling snacks.

Fedelis has received thrice KES 50,000 (500 USDs) and established a village outside-catering service under the name Kamwamaa caterers. This outside catering fetches a lot of money.

Mr. Fedelis ( in cap)serving a group of visitors who had come to Kitui.

Socio-economic impact:

  • Fedelis has employed 15 people in his village support him to offer catering services to villages and institutions during weddings, funerals, birthdays, churches.
  • He proudly makes KES 40,000 every weekend!
  • Since he joined PBF-KICABA programme in 2010, he has seen his first born complete University degree, 2 children completed secondary schooling and are working, one in secondary school and the last born in Primary school
  • The 15 people also support their families in many different ways

Service to people is service to God. The motto of Kamwamaa caterers

Fedelis has now plans to establish an apprenticeship course for students involved in baking business/ assorted snacks. What a success through PBF.

Fedelis and his wife during a working session. Making delicious foods.

Patrick, CEO of KICABA, and his team are training micro-entrepreneurs to initiate, manage and grow businesses, helping hundreds of families.

Patrick Kutu in white shirt trains members of the microcredit group

Supported by PBF with Peter Bachmann and all benefactors, the microcredit program has brought a breakthrough: empowering small families.


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