October 2018: Kenia / Kitui: KICABA micro credits

Information on KICABA micro credits , OCTOBER 2018


Africa is 70% rural and therefore needs rural solutions. Majority of populations in Africa live in the countryside although African cities are growing day by day. Whether in the urban or in the rural world, poverty is rapidly increasing, beckoning for intervention from partners and people of good will.

Peter Bachmann foundation (PBF) is one of these partners friendly to rural communities. In Kitui County Kenya, PBF is working through Kitui Integrated Creative Art and Business Appraisal (KICABA), a community based organization is transforming lives of many people. Long live PBF!

Brief background of Kitui County, Kenya (updated)

Kitui County is one of the 47 counties in Kenya. The County headquarters is Kitui town located 160 km south east of Nairobi. Kitui County is the 6th largest in Kenya with 30,496.51 square kilometres and share boundaries with Meru and Tharaka Nithi to the north, Embu to the north west, Tana river county to the east and south east, Taita Taveta to the south, Makueni and Machakos to the west.

Kitui experience hot and dry climate with unreliable rainfall, with the vast land classified as arid. Census report, 2009 show a population of 1,012,709 comprising of 531,427 females, 481,282 males.

According to poverty index of 2017, people living below poverty line (less than 2 USD) are 63.8%.

The County is divided into 8 sub-counties namely Kitui central, Kitui west, Kitui east, Kitui south, Kitui rural, Mwingi north, Mwingi central and Mwingi west.

KICABA micro-credit programme supported by PBF work with communities from Kitui central, Kitui west, Kitui east

Micro-credit programme

With dry areas like Kitui, entrepreneurship is the way for living for majority of people. Micro-businesses reward many families with access to food, clean water, medication, education and generally jobs creation.

Selling of local products is critical for community social transformation. As a measure of community impact, 72,000 people have already benefited either directly or indirectly from PBF.

Given the total population of 1.012 million and the beneficiaries accounting for 72,000 means 7% of Kitui population are touched by PBF. This percentage is much higher when the only considered population is that of the 3-sub-counties where PBF works so far.


Voices from Clients/ beneficiaries

  1. .Fidelis Maangi, the outside caterer

“I could not make it without KICABA. I cannot count how many times I went for loans. Am happy to grow as an outstanding person in outside catering services. I earn atleast Ksh 50,000 per week. Thanks to KICABA and PBF” 

  1. The Mulango group of micro entrepreneurs: Mary Wambua the leader says

“we have established long lasting ties with KICABA. It’s not only small loans but also peace building, mutual support, educational seminars, table banking initiatives and free  business information from seasoned KICABA staff that make our living dignified”. 

  1. Transport business known as “Boda Boda”

Mr. Masisya own a motorbike that ferry people to different destinations around and about Kitui town. He borrowed funds from KICABA-PBF. He has repaid the loan and now owns the motorbike. He makes Ksh 1,500 daily that translates to Ksh 45,000 a month. Masisya gratefully says is enough for his family members.

Notabene: There are more than 150 businesses initiated through PBF funding. KICABA recruits, trains, advances micro-loans, monitor repayments and therefore rotate the loans to clients.

The big challenge is limited funds. Otherwise many micro-entrepreneurs nock KICABA doors every day looking for the small loans which sometimes is not available..



This women group borrows money to purchase local chicken which the sell later at a profit. Patrick Kutu in Jacket visited them before they made their way to the market. Thanks be to PBF.

Patrick Kutu, KICABA founder, pays visit to Kanduti group of women doing horticulture. KICABA supports by loaning such groups through PBF funds.


Kwoko Kwa Tiva Dancers: KICABA promotes small loans to groups doing traditional dances to purchase instruments. Once they make money, they pay back with ease. Thanks to PBF.

Mary Musyoka one of the KICABA staff sell curio products produced by group members at Annual Africa Conference on Social Entrepreneurship (AACOSE) held at Tangaza University in Nairobi, Kenya on 20th & 21st September, 2018. PBF has enable KICABA to funds small entrepreneurs.

Patrick Kutu and Juliet Mwendwa sensitize women of wealth creation, family support and small loans advantage to meet education and medical needs of households. PBF has supported KICABA in micro-credit for the last 14 years.

PBF has enabled families to improve nutrition. Access to loans has enabled this woman (Mwikali Museo) to purchase milky goat to serve family milk needs.

Patrick Kutu , the founder of KICABA training micro-entrepreneurs on SOKO loan.

SOKO loan ( meaning “market day loan” is a small loan advanced to clients to meet basic market needs like buying essential products that sell like hotcake for quick incomes).

KICABA curio shop situated at Parkside Villa hotel, Kitui town