December 2018: Sri Lanka: Grateful memories of the tsunami help in 2004

Shortly before leaving for Sri Lanka, the following letter reaches Peter Bachmann. He comes from a family that helped bring the foundation back to life after the monstrous tsunami in 2004.

In the photos you can see my father’s wooden masterpiece “Universal Reality”. He says that he will never sell this for no money because he got sent it back from you, dear Mr. Peter. The sculpture stands forever with us as your keepsake. Other memories are the two stone frogs you have given us to say goodbye and the Dharmachakra stone, which we place on our roof as a blessing. Our mother takes care of the plants you have given us.
You do not know how often my father remembers you, almost every week. Then he wishes you luck and prays for a long life in good health.
We are waiting for you here soon.

May God always bless you!
Much love from your Karu family


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