Reports 2017

Reports of 2017 available in English


  • 2017-12: Kenya: Mesay short report

As a trustee of PBF in Ethiopia, I was sent to Kenya to visit and assess the projects of PBF and to share experience. So, during my fourteen days stay in Kenya from November 24 to December 07, 2017, I have been visiting various projects of PBF in Nairobi Read more […]

  • 2017-09: Ethiopia: Girma Mengistu Story

Girma Mengistu story. I am honored to tell of my life experience story to PBF, which is my sponsor, the one that brought me to be an Engineer from nothing. I was born in 1979 G.C. in a very small village called Yejube, Gojjam, Amhara region, Read more […]

  • 2017-09: Ethiopia / Cashena: Eye Medical and Surgical Treatment at Emanuel Clinic

Eye Medical and Surgical Treatment at Emanuel Clinic.  As one of the oldest and most pivotal projects permanently undertaken by PBF, Gashena Medium Health Clinic has been serving the needy since it was officially implemented in November Read more […]

  • 2017-06: Senegal / Dakar: Update Report on free English Language Course

UPDATE REPORT ON ENGLISH LANGUAGE COURSE, DAKAR-SENEGAL. Our free English language course remains for the benefit of children from Parcelles assainies slum in Dakar as we believe English language is today key for good education and a strong tool which Read more […]

  • 2017-05:  Ethiopia / Addis Ababa: steps into autonomy

Steps into autonomy. Accompaniment skills, counseling, discipline, patience, enthusiasm … are steps in the autonomy: a letter from Addis Ababa In his short stay in Addis Ababa, the project leader in Lalibela, Messay Mequanent, writes the following Read more […]

  • 2017-04: Kenya / Nairobi: Ruesable sanitary pads

Reusable sanitary pads. The One World Network is committed in Nairobis second largest Slum, Mathare. The project administrator George Orimba noticed a lack of sanitary pads. During the period, girls don’t go to school. For years PBF and the One World Read more […]

  • 2017-4: Kenya / Felix Brentrup’s blog, part2 / One-World-Network

One-World-Network. Felix Brentrup’s blog Part 2: My first weeks with the One-World-Network in Kenya After spending more than 4 months in Ethiopia, I am now in in Nairobi, Kenya. I already accompanied George Orimba several times to his work. Next Read more […]

  • 2017-03: Ethiopia / Addis Ababa: devastating collapse

The devastating collapse of a mountain of solid waste in Addis Ababa: dooming the lives of forsaken children, People with disability and the destitute. What a tragedy, very depressing, agonising, and excruciating incident that tormented and broke everyone’s Read more […]

  • 2017-03: Ethiopia / Lalibela: Award winner Fisseha

Award Winner Fisseha Getahun and the role of PBF in the Leprosy affected Community Integration Project in Addis Ababa: Ethiopia. “He had a dream for the most vulnerable Leprosy affected community; he wanted it and he is all the way through to achieve Read more […]

  • 2017-03: Ethiopia / Lalibela: Life of Alebel

The life behind the poor but clever student Alebel.
I am Alebel Abate. I was born on May 12 1992 in north Wollo zone Lalibela, Ethiopia; my father’s name is Abate Tarekegn and my mother, Yezena Getaneh. My father was a farmer and my mother was a Read more […]

  • 2017-02: Ethiopia: Felix Brentrup’s blog, part1

Departure into a strange world Felix Brentrup’s blog       Part 1: Lalibela – the New Jerusalem in the Ethiopian highlands In the spring of 2016, I asked myself what I was going to do after graduating from high school, the Read more […]

  • 2017-02: Sri Lanka / Chilaw: Annual report of the Center in Chilaw

Annual report of the Center in Chilaw As you all are well aware that the management of Peter Bachmann at Chilaw , Sri Lanka was given  over to the Jesuits in last February. With the great support of Dr. Peter and his team in Switzerland we were able Read more […]

  • 2017-02: Kenia / Kitui: Micro-credit program

Kenia / KITUI: INTEGRATED CREATIVE ARTS AND BUSINESS APPRAISAL (K.I.C.A.B.A)  MICRO-CREDIT PROGRAM A PETER BACHMANN FOUNDATION (PBF) SUPPORTED PROGRAM PBF, touching Hearts-changing lives 1.0 Introduction The mutual collaboration between Read more […]

  • 2017-01: Kenia / George Orimba, One World Network

ABOUT MY WORK ONE WORLD NETWORK My name is George Orimba I am 25 years old. I am the first born in a family of 3 brothers (George, Godfrey and Benedict). I lost my mother at the age of 12 years in 1999.She died of Pneumonia; it was one of the most painful Read more […]

  • 2017-01:  Ethiopia / Lalibela: visions and dreams of 2017

New Jerusalem: about visions and dreams of 2017: “Your young people shall see visions, your old people dream dreams” To this day, the town Lalibela is regarded as the “New Jerusalem”. In the 14th century; King Lalibela from whom the town named Read more […]