February 2017: Sri Lanka / Chilaw: Annual report

Annual report of the Center in Chilaw

As you all are well aware that the management of Peter Bachmann at Chilaw , Sri Lanka was given  over to the Jesuits in last February. With the great support of Dr. Peter and his team in Switzerland we were able to do well in the year 2016. One of our main concerns for the year 2016 was, that as much as possible we find ways and means to integrate our children with the rest of the society, for this we used music, singing and dramas. With the help of Sunera foundation (one of the lay organisation which promotes cultural values among children with special needs  in the Island ) we were able to tap the talents of our children. It was very revealing that our children could give a meaningful message to people about unity, peace and even protecting the gifts of the nature through dramas, singing and dancing (environmental, ecological  awareness).  We, the staff  ,with the cooperation of the parents  created opportunities for our children   to  join in various cultural events organised in national level. In this challenging effort our children were able to secure two second places in drama and singing competitions organised in the island wide. This has given our children kind of a self worth and dignity, “we are also capable of doing something”.



The parents who once thought that their children are not able to do anything realized that if encouraged assisted and rightly motivated  they are capable of doing something useful like any other child. This also helped many parents to see value and the purpose of Peter Bachmann Foundation. Then through out the year our regular classes were held for the children. With the active participation of many parents we had three celebrations:  Singhala new year, the world children’s day and the annual Christmas celebration. These celebrations created wonderful opportunities for our children to be more involved in activities. The children had their annual outing (picnic) participating almost all the children together with at least one of the parents. What is remarkable was that 90% of the expenses of this outing was taken care by the parents.

We did organised regular parents meetings to motivate them in different level and to make them more responsible for the growth of their children.

The personal assessments done on every child together with parents made the staff and parents to see the growth and the improvement of their children and the areas that need to be attended in future.

During the regular activities , we encouraged the children  to do more handy craft work like making carpets , greetings cards and brooms and sewing etc..


Every Thursday we use two hours to play net ball and basket ball, for this bishop of Chilaw has given his land with a basket ball court.

During the week we have allocated time for religious activities for their own respective religion.

Currently we have 50 children both male and female . (Ten female and 40 male)

Total number of staff members: we had 12,
One managing director
One manager
10 Teachers.

At the end of 2016 two teachers left the staff, (one got married and the other due to his health condition).

We are looking forward to replace them soon (one for music and one for dance). Since our salary scale is not so attractive it is difficult to recruit  qualified persons.

Management structure:
President : Dr. Peter Bachmann
Board of directors : 4,  one managing director and three others.
Jesuit provincial of Sri Lanka and the province treasurer of Sri Lanka  (ex officio ).

One lay person.

Current board of directors
Managing director: Fr. Gamini Perera sj
Other board of directors: Fr. Provincial , Fr. Dexter Gray sj.
Province treasurer : Fr. George Fernando sj,
Dr. Gamini Palihawadana.

Fr. Gamini Perera sj.