June 2017: Senegal / Dakar: Update Report on free English Language Course


Our free English language course remains for the benefit of children from Parcelles assainies slum in Dakar as we believe English language is today key for good education and a strong tool which open many doors for children future education.

Our target students remain the children  between 6 to 10 years, boys and girls from very poor homes, we know from experience that learning a language to one kid give chances to other kids to have benefit of the knowledge as the students beneficiaries can easily teach his or her siblings, friends, neighbors  the language at home by singing or practicing what they have learned during classes,  this makes our project very fruitful as we are able to touch a large audience while investing our effort  in a specific population.

The course duration remains 6 months; this session started in End January 2017 and we close it this June 2017 renewable. We accepted 30 students, 20 girls and 10 boys as we aim of encouraging families to promote girls education steel under discrimination here.

for this session we had amount the children one deficient young boy (ARONA), this help also to reduce discrimination amount the children who feel rejected, we also can change the attitude of the family and society toward those children with deficiency.

We are very grateful to PBF for his support and we have completed this session of the language course.

God bless you.

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