September 2017: Ethiopia: Girma Mengistu story

Ethiopia: Girma Mengistu story

I am honored to tell of my life experience story to PBF, which is my sponsor, the one that brought me to be an Engineer from nothing.

I was born in 1979 G.C. in a very small village called Yejube, Gojjam, Amhara region, Northern part of Ethiopia.

My family and all the neighbors were farmers, and so was I, at my earliest childhood. My father, High Priest Mengistu, was a ranked High Priest and teacher of the orthodox doctrine. It was my father that forced me to   steep into and engage the long course of Monastery and priesthood studies (including Yekolo-temari part of the Deacon), which took me Sixteen (16) years to complete.

In that course of monastery, almost for 15 years I had no shoes for my feet. I had to beg for daily food, door-to-door, to survive, on bare-foot.  Actually this practice was the part of the priesthood lessons, in Ethiopia, for Orthodox Church Monastery life, particularly in the Ethiopian Highland, Northern Part of the Country, where the religion of Orthodox dominates.

Upon the completion of such 16 years study I obtained the rank of high-priest. I still maintain that position. I am high-priest, regarding religion tradition.

It was in the year of 2000 G.C. that I left my homeland, Gojjam for Addis Ababa, looking for scientific educations, apart from Religious teachings.

However, life did not welcome me in Addis Ababa, I suffered such ups and downs as starvation, homelessness, without closings and much worse. At last, I became to beg for left-over foods from restaurants and hotels. Meanwhile, I get the opportunity to start my secular/modern education from grade four. And, I kept gaining my daily food from this practice of begging from hotels, until I reached grade 12.

When I was Grade 12, I ranked 1st in my classroom, in the college preparatory and secondary school. It was the great achievement in my educational life. I most loved my education than ever because of the ever growing beauty of my academic results. At this spot of time, at my grade 12, I passed the National Entrance Exam to Higher Educational Institutions (universities) with high distinction. And I was made to join University of Gondar, by Ministry of Education.

However, sadly, in the year of 2010 G.C. I encountered the worst situation in my life, ever.  I became unable to traveled to Gondar city to attend the University of Gondar from Addis Ababa, I used to live, having no money for bus ticket. For this reason I stood up at the verge of stopping my education, due to the sole reason of absence of money. To the worse, in this same year, I felt to bed because of serious illness.
And, at the end of this year, my darkest time, I heard of PBF which Dr. Peter has founded. I heard PBF is changing the lives and futures of many students, vulnerable people. When I heard of this with my ears, my eyes see the light of hope and in my heart I spontaneously decided to write an email to Dr. Peter stating my extremely evil situations.

I always thank Dr. Peter and PBF, also Benefactors of PBF, for PBF accepted me as one of PBF students. Then, after that, after I met Dr. Peter, my educational life and future got rescued and survived.  I continued to learn and join my University. In the University of Gondar, I attended Engineering School, Mechanical Engineering Department, in 2011 G.C.

My Mechanical Engineering studies took me 5 years and finally obtained my Degree with excellent GPA, in 2016 G.C.

PBF used to help me financially all the 5 academic years of my education, I take enough money monthly. I used the monthly upkeep exactly for the purpose of my education and necessary expenses. I, finally, have come to be successful and PBF fruitful in me. Now, I am Mechanical Engineer. I work for a very famous Aluminum company, Called ACOMEX-SETS. I am now one among engineers of the company who receives high salary.

Since I am now an Engineer and have stabled income, I grow to establish a family. I married My wife, Dr. Lidya Zeray and begotten a Son.

I thank Dr. Peter and PBF very much for bringing me up from nothing and darkness to a meaningful life and put me in a position that I can help my family, my community and my country.  I thank you very much.

Girma Mengistu