May 2020: Kenya / Nairobi: George overcomes his ups and downs with photography

George Orimba overcomes his ups and downs with photography in Mathare

I have been involved in photography for a long time. I also like to read stories from people who overcome their emotional lows or psychological crises in this way. I was never really aware that I could count myself among them. But now I can see how positively photography has affected my life situation and has helped me in my problems. There are traumatic events, depression, discouragement in my life. I know anxiety, pain attacks shape my life. I have sickle cell anemia. But photography gives me strength and I live well despite everything.

PBF helped me get a specialist apprenticeship two years ago. I think I can take good pictures now. Above all, it is very important to me that I succeed in bringing our projects into the picture. Since my apprenticeship, I have been part of a group of six people who all specialize in one direction in photography. One deals with nature shots, another with art objects or with people. We help each other in the processing of our pictures. We meet, share our experiences and support each other in processing the photos. We borrow the camera from each other. One of our group even uses a single prime lens camera Nikon D7000. He gives it to me on loan when I take pictures in Mathere, where I work. Here is an example: A boy smiles. He is happy and satisfied with his football, even if he only made it out of plastic bags from the trash and cords.

George Orimba

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