May 2020: Information Pentecost 2020

Information Pentecost 2020

At the beginning of May I wrote online to those whose email address I know. It is clear to me that I was only able to reach a modest part of the Foundation’s  members- unfortunately. On this Pentecost weekend, some difficult and controversial regulations relax (in Switzerland). What is right cannot be found in the attitude of being right and knowing better. Empathy and a sense of responsibility are beyond right and wrong. I am there when it is argued, claimed, posted, meant. That has to be. The head is buzzing. The Danish philosopher Sören Kierkegaard helps here in many ways: Life can only be assessed backwards, but must be lived forward.

I myself am one of the old and immune deficient. Chemotherapy slowly leads to the goal and the tumor is withdrawn. A kind of relaxation is also in order for me, and a diverse program is waiting for all of us, as it is part of our foundation.

October 4 (Franziskusfest) in Greifensee,
October 18 in Kloten,
November 29 (beginning of Advent) in Wallisellen.

These parishes invite you to worship and aperitifs on these dates. These events combine a piece of my past (birthday / 80, service anniversary / 50, foundation / 25) with our common present: We are invited and meet. Pre-registration is not really mandatory, but an email ( makes it easier for the hostesses, the parishes, and the preparation of the aperitif.

More detailed information on the time and location will follow here on the website in September, but the dates are now set.

I would like to thank everyone who supports our work in a motivated way, knowing that the last cent can be used for our projects. The need in Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya screams today and tomorrow, yes every day from every corner. Bachmann Foundation, 8408 Winterthur, IBAN CH95 0070 0110 5000 1071 8. If you can and want to, please say so and personally increase the reach.


Arnold Landtwing, the information officer at the Zurich General Vicariate, did this. Under the title Solidarity, he mentions and supports the foundation in the weekly  information of the Zurich church, and wrote there:

Donations from Switzerland are turning a waste dump into a vegetable garden in Ethiopia – another type of corona protection measure.

The remediation of a hygienically questionable situation not only means effective prevention against the spread of the virus, but also creates an economic basis for the vegetable farmers and ensures healthy food. This is one of the many sustainable projects of the Peter Bachmann Foundation, whose namesake and former Zurich Oberland pastor, even at the age of 80, cannot be restricted by the lockdown in his decades of commitment to the disadvantaged. Every little project creates new hope and future.”

I wish everyone the Pentecostal spirit that can be combined with hope. “Hope is not the conviction that something turns out well, but the certainty that something makes sense no matter how it ends,” writes Vaclav Havel.