October 2021: Ethiopia / Lalibela: PBF between despair and confidence for people from Lalibela

PBF between despair and confidence for people from Lalibela

Challenges and next steps

The working community (committee) in Bahir Dar has made every effort to ensure that people (including from PBF) can receive the minimum level of rehabilitation.

However, the funds and materials collected are no longer sufficient and the committee is overwhelmed and therefore cannot continue with its planned programme of assistance. The suspension (2 days ago) of feeding 350 people is just one example. They also do not want to use all the funds collected in Addis because another target group is the people imprisoned in Lalibela.

The people in Bahir Dar still have to suffer. The Working Community is still trying its best to convince the government to open a centre for IDPs either in Bahir Dar or in another nearby town so that our people can also move in and at least stay safe.

PBF proposes intervention

According to reports, the government will soon resume the war and we hope that Lalibela will be liberated in the face of unimaginable destruction and casualties.

In the meantime, the people who are in Bahir Dar must be able to take immediate action

Abebe, Mesay and Sisay will compile a list of our PBF people to whom priority assistance must be given:

  1. families with young children who have no relatives or friends in Bahir Dar
  2. old, sick and disabled people.
  3. women and girls who need hygiene items for themselves or their children.
  4. cases of malnutrition.
  5. students who need to attend classes and have no financial support in the cities of Bahir Dar, Dessie and Gondar.
  6. any other emergency situation that we can support.

We have also agreed:

  1. identify a safe place to store basic food items to distribute to specific cases in Bahir Dar and new arrivals.
  2. sourcing and purchasing basic medicines for injuries and other ailments that may occur during the journey or after arrival.
  3. identifying safe houses where we can accommodate those who are most vulnerable and have no friends or relatives in Bahir Dar.
  4. hire a bajaj to facilitate transport and communication for volunteers, Mesay, Sisay, Abebe and other young PBF members in Bahir Dar.
  5. plan to obtain a large tent to accommodate larger groups if necessary.
  6. we identify a safe, clean water supply for those who need it.
  7. we decide whether we should/could support the committee/community responsible for Lalibela, which is responsible for general emergency relief.

Dan Amolo, our project manager PBF, is on standby and communicates and coordinates with our three trustees on the ground, Mesay, Abebe and Sisay.

We are working hard on an emergency budget and hope with confidence for a positive intervention from PBF and the help of individual donors to save the lives of our people on the run and those trapped in Lalibela.

We thank everyone very much!

PBF on the ground: Mesay, Sisay, Abebe