April 2020: Ethiopia / Lalibela: COVID-19 challenges

Mastering challenges for people in Lalibela who cannot leave their homes

PBF’s involvement in Lalibela has achieved a new urgent and pressing and much more difficult task in the past few days. Our young specialists, health experts trained by PBF scholarships, visit – now increasingly and specifically – our old people at home, teach them how to distance themselves from neighbors and show them how to properly use soap, water. They are highly dramatic selfless encounters and deserve great recognition.

People, especially old people, are very religious, praying day and night as they say, not for themselves, but above all for people around the world who die of corona or suffer in some way. Lent has been strict in the Orthodox Ethiopian Church for many weeks.

As committed specialists, visitors know how to protect themselves well, knowing that the fate of these mostly old, often frail and sick people takes its own course – with or without infection. PBF is convinced that everything must be done to protect life, especially for the most vulnerable in this city and wherever PBF is currently active in Kenya and Ethiopia. Since almost everyone has a weak or no family network, catastrophe hygiene, no care for open wounds, the work of our people is accompanied by great dedication and specialist knowledge. PBF is grateful to have been able to do this valuable  professional service for over ten years.

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