April 2020-04: Ethiopa / Doano: Water well construction

Well construction – water from deep

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The person currently responsible for PBF projects in Durame is Yossy Zekarias, Abel’s brother, who is doing a doctorate in Germany / Bielefeld. Yossy is a university lecturer and uses his free time to build a well in his village of Doano. Already in mid-March he wrote:

I am happy to confirm that the financial aid for the construction of our new well has arrived and that we are working on the water project in Doano. However, it took a week longer than planned to begin with for various reasons. It was a bit of a hassle to get a license from the provincial government to pinpoint the water source. We also asked for the participation and cooperation of the administration so that the sustainability, supervision and monitoring of the project is ensured. In the meantime, I also continued the consultations in the Doano local community. We also carried out intensive investigations, which is why the well that was built a few years ago, and above all the steep path to it, was badly damaged by severe storms and falls. Almost all of the villagers admitted that they had done not enough to maintain the well and access it, and obviously regretted it.

The specialists, engineers for water projects, also took some time so that we could tackle the project competently. A team of experts will come to Doano today. Before I return to university, I want to keep PBF up to date.

It is not always easy to work for the community, sometimes there are new challenges that I have to face as a responsible person. However, this work is associated with a great blessing for our very poor farmers. Community joy outweighs deprivation and stumbling blocks. They are inevitable in these tough conditions.

Huge joy from the village community accompanies the big thanks to PBF.

Yossy Zekarias


At the end of March, Yossy sent a picture documentation on the construction of the well.