April 2020: Ethiopia / Lalibela: Corona prevention, day #1

PBF in the service of the people: Corona prevention has started

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Our team met in our office yesterday Tuesday and decided together how we would like to continue with the actual prevention steps today. We see that the virus will spread to other parts of the country. There are two confirmed cases in the Amhara region. So sooner or later there is a possibility that the virus will spread to other places including Lalibela.

With this in mind, we insist that PBF must do its part to fight the virus. We have planned some practical steps for prevention, especially for the people in our care.


  1. The needy will be in front of our office this afternoon. There they are explained the basic prevention mechanisms and the importance of raising awareness. Our Abebe Zewdu, a health officer, will present this information. Above all, insist on it and explain it. Be sure to stay at home.
  2. We will distribute the hygiene and cleaning agents to the 167 needy. This material arrived in Lalibela yesterday. Every needy receives 3 liters of detergent and 3 normal size soaps.
  3. We will also accompany the elderly affected by PBF from a distance to ensure a certain level of security.
  4. Everyone will have their hands washed when they come into contact with us, the health team.

The team discussion also highlighted other important aspects that we want to implement in the future. They are as follows:

  1. We emphasize and insist on “staying at home”. But we notice the difficulties and the helplessness of our people. It’s really hard for them to stay home for fifteen days with 350 birr ($ 10) we give them. We therefore plan to buy beans and lentils so that they can prepare simple meals at home.
  2. Since we insist that they wash their hands and clothes regularly, we have to make sure that they have enough water at home. It is therefore practical to buy a water bucket for them.
  3. Our regular visits from home to home particularly applies to people with diabetes, HIV etc. We want to check their status and take them directly to the hospital if they are suspected.
  4. We plan to set up washing tubs in some areas of Lalibela to enable other people to wash their hands.
  5. We discussed about distributing masks. However, we find that using a mask creates special problems. Lalibela is a dusty city and people will struggle with the use of a mask. Since the mask is only recommended for single use, touching it with your hands is also prohibited. A mask is only recommended for an infected person.

We will begin our ministry today at 2:00 p.m. and prepare in advance for it.

Many thanks to all who enable PBF this valuable and necessary service!

Mesay, PBF trustee in Lalibela