February 2020: Ethiopia / Gashena: Another well in the very poor area

Another well in the very poor area

On February 21, the founder and director of the Medium Clinic in Gashena writes: “Well, the second well is also completed. We expect 18’000 to 20’000 litres of fresh water per day. This means that well over 100 families in this very poor area will finally receive water. We are overjoyed and grateful. When we built our first well here a few years ago, there were problems with cleaning the heavily contaminated water. The generator is also smaller compared to the new, much bigger well.
Today, Friday, there is still no permission to use the well. Everything should still be checked by the authorities, who will then take over the responsibility together with us from PBF.

Starting Saturday, the handover will be celebrated and the well will be put into operation.
We are all very grateful!