February 2020: Ethiopie / Lalibela: Habtu’s small steps to independenc

Habtu’s small steps to independenc

Habtu is a  young self-schooled street boy who has developed his skills in decor and designs. He makes colorful stickers as decoration for the small public taxis popularly known as bajaj. He started as a free agent moving from one street corner to the other and one Bustop to another in different parts of the town. Even though he got customers who liked his work, he loses some who find him unreliable for changing locations every other time.

Habtu asked for support to buy materials to improve his work. He got the initial funds and PBF also sent him materials and he teamed up with a friend to share a small roadside container kiosk with each of them doing their different trade. Habtu continued with his art design and decoration stickers for public vehicles while his friend sold motor spare parts and accessories.

The shared rent was this kiosk was too high for Habtu to make any profits and therefore he is back again operating as a street artist. PBF still supports him by sending him more colored materials to make more attractive designs.

He has up-scaled his skills and diversified into producing posters, banners, logos and decorating business premises also doing signposts.

He needs a stationary place to do his business better.

Habtu lives with his parents who are getting older to work as they did before. His mother worked as a servant cleaner moving from one household to the other seeking work to wash clothes by hand for other families. More and more it is the turn of Habtu to care for his parents and therefore he needs to improve his artistry business.

Carrying his tools and merchandise is not easy. He wishes to have a stationary place where his customers can easily find him and also a place where he can expand and diversify his business skills by providing other related services.

Apart from the need to add stock and material to keep up with new designs and trends needed by the customers, Habtu would wish to diversify his business further by selling parts and accessories for the small public taxis. He has created a good name for himself and therefore he can gain more by starting the provision of other services.

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