July 2019: Ethiopia / Durame: Graduation day at Abune Francis

Durame in Ethiopia: Graduation day  at Abune Francis

Today, 5. July 2019, is one of the greatest days for Abune Francis Kindergarten School: The graduation of students who have stayed for the last two years in the school.

It is so big day for graduates as it is the day which strong and energetic Memorial Day for kids as this day prints inerasable memory in the minds of kids. It is great for parents of graduates to see their child is happy and successfully finalized his/her stay at school. Some of the major activities done this day.

Invited Guests were warmly welcomed. Representatives from Durame city education department and assigned supervisor of the school, parents of all students and other invited persons attended the ceremony. A total number of attendants were about 180 individuals.

 Start: As the school has a strong spiritual affiliation, the program has started by prayer, sings and then by National anthem. The short opening speech made by Yoseph, school director, and invited guests also delivered messages briefly.

Talent show: Students of the school have shown little from what they have learned for the attendant, like storytelling, communication, geography, etc.

Graduation Ceremony : The upper KG students were graduated, the total number of the 16, 7 boys and 9 girls. The high scorers from all levels received awards from the school via a representative from the school committee and City school bureau.

Future of the school

Since last year, the parents have been asking us for the expansion of the school to upper/primary level. Parents do not want to send their kids to public schools as public schools are not well in providing quality education. Although we consider the questions of parents, by the moment due to financial problems we are unable to upgrade the school up to primary school.

The current compound of the school is small to expand the school and forced us to admit a limited number of students per year while the demand is ten times bigger than our potential.

We hope in the future, with the help of PBF, we will upgrade the school to satisfy the demand of the community in one hand and to create competent and civilized citizens.

Abel Yonas